Gimme Shelter

Hurricane Earl continues to give me earworms. Fuck you, Earl. Hmm, I seem to be working awfully hard on that fuck quota thing lately…

When I think about shitty weather, I think ofGimme Shelter. You may not but I do. I also think of the remarkable documentary of that title about the Altamont clusterfuck, I mean festival.

Here’s aSteel Wheels tour live version. It was a good tour: Dr. A and I saw the Stones at the Superdome and the huge industrial stage set made it seem intimate in a glitzy rock and roll kinda way. Know what I’m saying? If you don’t the fuck quota may apply…

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2 thoughts on “Gimme Shelter

  1. I lived in New Braunfels, TX during one of the worst floods in the town’s history, due to storm system stalling over Central Texas. We knew the flooding might occur, so I made a run in the car downtown to the bank to make a payment in case we ended up having to leave for a couple of days. I was listening to KGSR out of Austin and because of the weather “event” they were playing weather/rain songs. Rain was sheeting down so hard, it was hard to see even with the wipers, Gimme Shelter came on, at the same instant the streets began to flood. It’s a small downtown area and people were rushing around trying to find a way to get out because the usual thoroughfares were flooding behind us, the two main bridges in and out of town were closed, cops were rushing to the other low water crossings. I almost got caught in an underpass- the back end of the car floated for a second before I was able to pull out of it. I finally was able to head the opposite direction, get on the interstate and turn around and double back to the house. It was one of the moments where an everyday locale suddenly turns into chaos. Hard to describe how unsettling it was. Still think of that feeling when I hear that song

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