What Would Jesus Hit?

I recently sawThe Bronx Is Burning on DVD. It’s an account of all the shit that was going down in Noo Yawk in 1977: the Koch-Cuomo-Beame-Abzug Mayoral race; the Son of Sam killings and the wild ride the New York Yankees had on the way to winning the World Series.

Since ESPN aired the mini-series, the Yankees are the focus of the drama; proving once again that truth is stranger than fiction. John Turturro has long specialized in playing assholes and he really brought it as baseball genius/real life idiot Billy Martin. Oliver Platt is equally awesome as George Steinbrenner in his malakatudinous prime.

That was a long introduction to this hilarious clip that features the malaprop boys aka Joe Grifasi as Yogi Berra and Leonard Robinson as Mickey Rivers:

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8 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Hit?

  1. I’m with liprap. I’ve read that book every summer since I bought it. The guy is an amazing writer and the book goes into more detail on the political stuff and the Son of Sam.

  2. Also, Jesus would bat, but Moses would manage. I can picture Moses pulling a Lou Piniella-esque red ass tantrum and striking a base in anger, thus making it gush water and cause an early cancellation of crucial games.

  3. Maybe Jesus wouldn’t hit for power even though he could and instead would always be sacrifice bunting.

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