The Ballad Of Joe Hill

President Obama gave afighting speech today in honor of Labor Dayand the role of unions in building a more just society. I hope he sticks to his guns but have learned to be skeptical about the administration’s stick-to-itiveness. I wonder if they slipped this sucker past Rahm who has had some choice words about the unions in the past. Rahm needs to STFU and the rest of us need to contemplate the two scariest words in our political lexicon: Speaker Boner.

Now that I’ve scared you shitless, here’s the great Paul Robeson to make you feel a bit better:

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One thought on “The Ballad Of Joe Hill

  1. If it wasn’t for Speaker Boner–and god knows what sort of teatards-crawling-out-of-the-woodwork joining him–I’d almost say Rahm deserves a solid ass kicking.
    I’m not sure who’s worse: the DLC or the Blue Dogs…but it’s like having a fifth column and then some on your side.

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