A Blogger Ethics Panel: Sun-Times Edition

I’m so sorry I killed journalism, mom:

Okay, this is ridiculous. We felt kind of gray and fuzzy on itthe first time around,
but now? Once again, “columnist” Michael Sneed has given up an entire
column over to republishing a letter from Drew Peterson, currently
awaiting his trial for the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio and
still the prime suspect in the disappearance of wife number four Stacy
Peterson.In this letter,
Drew makes an “an impassioned media plea on behalf of his children,”
specifically prosecution (and what Drew alleges is persecution) against
oldest son Stephen who is currently the primary caregiver for four of
Peterson’s kids: two with Savio and two with Stacy. Like the first
letter, this one was handed directly from Peterson attorney Joel
Brodsky to Sneed and reprinted (the lead-in says it’s been “edited”
though there’s no word if the paper edited the letter or if, like the
first one, it was edited by someone else in the Peterson camp before
getting to the Sun-Times).

The letter presents Peterson’s case and attack on prosecutors
unfiltered with no rebuttal or response from those he attacks. While
Peterson is innocent until proven guilty, he’s still a suspect
officially charged with murder and the publishing of the letter allows
him to have control over the situation and make accusations unchecked,
presenting a one-way flow of information, the paper doing Brodsky’s
work for him.

But print has standards! They don’t just uncritically put rumors and innuendo out there on the Internets!


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