Protesters on 9/11

So much for the sacredness of Ground Zero.

year is especially awkward, given the controversy around President
Barack Obama’s remarks in support of an Islamic cultural center and
mosque planned for a neighborhood near ground zero in lower Manhattan.

The White House has not yet announced the president’s plans for next
week, though a source familiar with the matter was doubtful Obama would
travel to New York.

the president’s options are otherwise limited: Last year, he marked the
eighth anniversary of the terrorist attacks at the Pentagon, and a
return appearance there seems unlikely. This year, first lady Michelle
Obama and former first lady Laura Bush will travel together to
Shanksville, Pa., to honor the 40 passengers and crew members who died
in the crash of United Airlines Flight 93.

That leaves the former World Trade Center site in New York, where Obama
hasn’t been since the 2008 presidential campaign. But a presidential
appearance at ground zero on Sept. 11 ā€” where an activist group plans
to protest the Islamic center project that day ā€” will almost certainly
reignite the political firestorm.

FIRESTORM. God, if there’s a word I’d like to ban from American media, it’s that one.

You know, it strikes me this would be far more awkward for the racist, ignorant fuckwads protesting the mosque if the President of the United States showed up to their little party and told them where to stick their “concerns.”


8 thoughts on “Protesters on 9/11

  1. This “sacred” and “sacrosanct” business is getting perilously close to religiosifying the profane.
    Fer chrissakes, they’re building another commercial building directly on the site, with something like forty-four retail outlets on the ground floor, but that doesn’t defile it?
    Since when did Larry Silverstein, Lloyd Blankfein and Atlas Buggs become the Holy Fucking Trinity?

  2. You’re right about the overuse of “FIRESTORM” with respect to conservitard whine-fests.
    I suggest the alternative “FART-IGNITION”.

  3. The sad fact is that there are millions of aggressively ignorant Americans who want a theocratic monarchy to replace this awful “democracy” business, which is so messy and lets people of melanin vote and doesn’t even acknowledge the awesomeness of ‘roid rage Jesus.
    These are people who are happiest when they’re angry and scared because that’s the only time their sluggish blood flows, and who are so insecure they think the world is ending if they’re not surrounded by people who look, talk, act and think just like them.
    You cannot educate or reason with them because they KNOW that they’re the only ones in possession of the truth and the way, and that anyone who disagrees is in league with Satan.
    As our public education system continues to crumble and more & more of these people perpetuate their ignorance via religious and home schools, this is not going to get better.
    Canada is looking better all the time, if only they’ll have me.

  4. I loathe firestorm, shitstorm is a good ‘un though. Another word I’d ban is “furious.” Nobody’s ever “angry” they’re always “furious” and that makes me furious.

  5. I swear, if Obama would just step into the Lion’s den at ground zero and tell these teabaggers to go “F” themselves, that this is his country too and he’s not about to see it taken away by a bunch of political terrorists, he would reignite the revolution. He may as well scrap this bipartisan crap and start talking in their language. They will get the message loud and clear and some might even back down. That’s what bullies usually do.

  6. where Obama hasn’t been since the 2008…
    So he was at the WTC in 2008. On 9/11/2009 he was at the Pentagon crash site. This year would be good to go to the WTC site but you just don’t drop the prez in the middle of protest groups.
    So Once a Year isn’t enough. How is the President supposed to accomplish anything if he has to go to every memorial, several times a year.

  7. I think President Obama should get a bullhorn, a stack of rubble, fake is fine, go to the WTC and give a speech, praising the fine CEOs who have worked so hard to get back to the business of making money off that site.

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