The Dog Days Of Summer

The Democrats have gotten their asses kicked the past two Augusts, it’s partially their own fault but it’s hard to deal with opponents who will say *anything* to “win” the month. The only way to do so is to come out swinging and kick some ass, which is something senior Dems other than Speaker Pelosi aren’t very good at. Obama seems to be trying but it remains to be seen if he’ll stay the course.

Btw, I think the President’s enemies on the right are probably nicer to dogs than they are to him. If not, let’s send the ASPCA after some of the more rabid Goopers. I wouldn’t mind seeing Newt thrown into a cage with a couple of hungry pit bulls…

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3 thoughts on “The Dog Days Of Summer

  1. I agree. Immediately after HCR passed was the time to take the lessons learned from that battle to heart. If the President believes his policies are the best thing for the nation, it’s time to get rid of the campaign staff that remains on board, hire real administrators, cease attempts at coalition-building, play hardball with the Blue Dogs and stop kowtowing to them and start cramming legislation down the opposition’s collective throats. It’s the only thing they understand; and, if it’s not done now, it will never be done, as it looks like we’re going to lose the House majority.
    It’s way past time to play the underdog and act like the top dog before it’s too late.

  2. Agreed, Pete, but as I put in a comment on another Adrastos post below, you’ve got Blue Dogs on the one hand…and the DLC on the same hand.
    It’s the hand they use to punch Progressives in the face.
    And then we’re told to appreciate all they’re doing for us.
    That said, I’m still going to vote Democratic, and to the extent I’m able, try to convince anyone within earshot to do likewise…because, in the Adrastos post, he says, with strong evidence, that the “two scariest words in [the] political lexicon [are] Speaker Boner.” Yep.
    Well, that…and President Palin.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Pete. People respect a strong leader even if they don’t like everything he does. I think a strong public face makes it easier to deal with the Blue Dogs. It’s not good to obstruct a leader that is popular with the public.
    As we all know, though, Obama has these moments of greatness and then he retreats back into his Oval Office while congress runs amok.

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