Shaming Working Mothers: Angelina Jolie is So Selfish!

Oh no, you did not just fuck with Mrs. Smith:

I’m not faulting Angelina’s charity work, but should someone with
the responsibility of mothering six kids really go to one of the most
dangerous places in the world? Is her obsession with thrill THAT

Disclaimer: I respectAngelina Jolie for her commitment to
helping humanity… few people in the world have the capability to make
that much positive change. That said, I have to ask — why does Angie
insist on risking her life to help others when she hasSIX kids at home?

The 37-year-old superstar and UN Refugee Agency Ambassador spent the
day in Pakistan on Sept. 7 talking to the press and visiting a
makeshift camp for flood survivors in an effort to increase awareness
for one of the country’s worst-ever floods. Meanwhile, hersix small kidsMaddox, 9;Pax, 6;Zahara, 5;Shiloh, 4; and twinsVivienne andKnox, 2 — were at home without their supermom, something that Angelina should think twice about, says one expert.

Yes, her obsession with thrill.That’s totally what sent her to
Not, you know, the fucking earth caving in and a literal
Biblical flood happening. Her obsession with thrill. Why, trying to
raise money for people whose entire CITIES have been washed away is
just like extreme hang-gliding! How can she be so mean to her children?

Okay, so she’s given birth. So now she has to sit at home and nurse?
I mean, I assume at least some of the kids are in school, and that she
has a small army of staff, plus OH YEAH BRAD PITT IS AROUND TO BE THEIR
DAD, so quite possibly she shouldn’t have to give up everything in the
world that matters to her to stay home and stare at the children all
day long. I’m sure things change when you have children. I’m sure your
priorities change. I’m not denying that people sacrifice all the time, and I’m not saying anyone who chooses to do so shouldn’t. But the idea that mothers and mothers alone need to
abandon everything important to them in order to be capital-M mothers
is fucking sick and twisted.

In the first place, who the hell decided they wanted parents who did nothing BUT parent? Who says that’s a healthy way to grow up? Who
says you’re well-served by the example that you should think of your own family and only your own family and only EVER your own family, and fuck what goes on outside in the world? What do you then have to offer those children you worry so much about?

Worse, what do you say when this story comes up at Thanksgiving a few years from now? “Oh, well, Mom used to advocate for the betterment of people around the world using the fact that she’s a stunning badass actress to get attention for the poor and starving, but then you came along and ruined all that.” That’s GREAT. I’m sure the six children who she’s just now described as ruining all her good works will feel fantastic that she chose to stay home with them. Come on, if she’s raising them right they’ll never forgive her.

Most of all I just love how this is seen as trivial and thrill-seeking on the part of Angelina Jolie, who by all accounts could be doing just about anything she wanted with her life and is instead hanging out with the most fucked of all the fucked people in the world right now instead of partying in clubs. You know what Mrs. Smith would say to that, don’t you?



8 thoughts on “Shaming Working Mothers: Angelina Jolie is So Selfish!

  1. Well thank GOD Sarah Palin, mother of four (five?) and a grandmother (??), didn’t become our VP as she might have been required to travel someplace icky in the course of doing her job.
    And let’s not even think of all those mothers in service in Afghanistan and Iraq. That would be waaaay too icky.

  2. Angelina’s 37? Shit, now I HAVE to get in shape. Period.
    And mothers whotsk about this kind of thing ought to take a good, hard look at whythey can’t do the things they would like to unless they have loads of dough. That’s the true travesty here – no true universal child care plan for the moms who must do some work outside the home, not just out of necessity financially, but because they’d go stark raving mad otherwise. The women’s movement never had anything concrete to give those who do want to have a family and still work – and they still don’t. Hence the carping on Angie when they could be working with Moms Rising or something. OR they could recruit Angie to THEIR cause, ya know… 😉

  3. Ms Jolie is totally sending the right message to her kids – help others as you are able to do – even if it pulls you from the hearthside. As opposed to Sarah the Wondertwat of Wasilla who can’t successfully finish a sentence let alone a term in office (please let that NEVER be so…may her days of political office-holding be OVER!?!)…and is only teaching her children to be celebritrash jet-setters and money-grubbing whiners – except for Trig who probably has NO clue who she is as she is rarely around (to his betterment).
    Jolie is 37? Cripes, my good-body ship sailed by then. Still, I must endeavor to stretch and tone – I’ll never have my smaller bod again, but I don’t need that upper arm ‘wattle’ waving at me, y’know!!!

  4. I love you.
    Watched a documentary this weekend about Joan Baez. Who, you know, went for walks w/ Dr. King and headed off to Viet Nam and just about every other place that needed her. No one wonders where her husband was, if it was ok for him to go to jail for draft resistance while his wife was pregnant. I think that setting a good example for kids is part of being a parent. And I think our society, and I include a lot of “liberals” are WAY too quick to criticize moms no matter what they do. They either hover or they neglect their kids. Back off. Women have a tough enough row to hoe.

  5. This twit sounds like those who think working mothers should not ask to be upheld to the same standards of promotion and raises that working folks without kids enjoy. Basically, you have to be a mother or a worker, and if you choose to do both, you’re somehow diluting both experiences and ought not to demand the rewards of both. Fuck that.

  6. Simply a failure of the education system.
    200 years ago, all women worked like hell. Died in childbirth, raised stepchildren while cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, planting a house garden and the fields when the men went to war.
    I first noted this failure to educate about the past in 1965. Freshman year of college and a classmate called me a liar when I said that I had never lived in a house with indoor plumbing or electricity until I was 6 years old.
    Totally surprised me since, at least, a quarter of my high school graduating class did not have indoor plumbing or electricity.

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