No Angelina Content

Athenae and I were a bit scary last night with our Angelina riffs appearing back-to-back. Great or twisted minds working alike.

I went on a pun quest, hoping to find a clip of Graham Parker singingJolie, Jolie but came up empty. So, I had to fall back on GP and some fiery imagery instead:

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2 thoughts on “No Angelina Content

  1. Speaking of fiery imagery…it’s still not quite midnight where I’m writing from but I can’t believe you guys did two posts on Ms. Jolie — wonderful as she may be — and let the 75th anniversary of the day Huey Long was gunned down slide by without comment.

  2. You know, I played that album until it died of friction burns and never once thought about whether or not there was a video. Thank you for that.

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