Killer Queen

Dr. A and I started watching season-4 of Dexter on DVD today. I find myself rooting for Dexter and it makes me feel bad until I remember that I first encountered Michael C Hall as the neurotic but likable gay undertaker David Fisher on6 Feet Under.Hall seems to specialize in teevee shows which have characters chatting up their deceased fathers: Harry is a gloomy dead guy whereas Nathaniel Fisher Sr was an eerily cheerful dead guy. Anyway, when I find myself pulling for Dexter, I think of David Fisher and then I hear the late, great Freddie Mercury singing this song. It’s a weird earworm but it’s mine: what can I tell ya?

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2 thoughts on “Killer Queen

  1. Hmm – where’s the Red Special? Prolly the director told him “You can’t play that cheap-looking homemade guitar in my music video!”

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