‘Waterboarding Instructor’

This is my favorite sign out of all the batshit signs I’ve seen at all the batshit rallies I’ve watched over the past few months. This is my favorite combination of sign and T-shirt. This one right here.

How exactly is wiring Nancy Pelosi’s jaw shut going to stop a bunch of private people from building a thing? How can you possibly, even in your darkest authoritarian fantasies, be so down with a particular kind of torture you’d appear in public representing yourself as a teacher of it?

What point does that actually advance? You’re not saying you believe that in some circumstances (or even that in many circumstances) waterboarding and other forms of torture may be justified to accomplish certain goals. At least then you’d be arguing the merits. Instead you’re … U RAH RAH WATERBOARDING WHOOO BEER GO TEAM! This does what to help the world? What are youdoing? How is that a thing to be proud of?


9 thoughts on “‘Waterboarding Instructor’

  1. That one caught my eye too. It’s (to me) a new low in the world of batshit crazy. Strong, liberal women shouldn’t be allowed to speak, or something. And pro-torture to boot.
    The fear emanating from her is very strong.

  2. There doesn’t have to be any logical thought behind something like that. All it means is “I’M TOUGH!(At least I’d like to believe I am.) I CAN KILL YOU!” If you ask people like that to use logic to explain what they believe, they’d get flummoxed after two sentences and get angry at you for putting them on the spot. But don’t forget, a “moran’s” vote is equal to yours on Election Day. Probably worth more, on a Diebold machine.

  3. “Future war criminal”?
    I saw that too. Made me think, bizarrely, of Water Safety Instructor (which I did once take and pass, but that was long ago), and wonder what that woman does in her spare time.

  4. It drives me batshit, A. I’m one of the Speaker’s biggest fans, I think she’s a great woman and the best Speaker since Sam Rayburn. The good news is that the Speaker is tougher than hell and will outlast these fucking idiots.

  5. The “jokes” about the inmates running the asylum are as old as the dust, but we now seem to be working towards just that. If the “Tea Partiers” are anything but mentally and sanity challenged, I can’t see any signs of it. They run, and presumably will vote for total nut jobs, like the cutie-without-brains running for the Senate in Deleware. They demonstrate total paranoia in their demonstrations. And, they appear to be totally capable of winning numerous seats in Congress.
    I suppose the Congressional Sergeant of Arms will have to employ white suited deputies, carrying nets, if they do get elected.

  6. “Fuckin’ kick-ass sweatshirt, Grandma. By the way, did you see my Glock anywhere?”
    Small talk in the typical cryptofascist home…

  7. I look at her and I see a soft, weak member of the frightened white middle class. I wish they would take up exercising or something as a way of dealing with their angst. Hell, I’d be happy if they joined the emo kids and sat around whining about how awful life is rather than do this shit.
    Seriously, if this woman ever saw a waterboarding, she’d vomit and pass out. The Internet Tough Guys have taken to the streets, and goddammit, it’s ugly.

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