First Draft Fundraising: Claire in Hat Achieved!

Thank you all forsupporting the work we do, and for making this possible:


She’s totally grateful to you. You can tell.


Glamour shot of Riot under the cut.


In all seriousness, sorting through the misery and stupidity of the conservative Internet is a thankless task, and it means a lot to know that you appreciate what we do here. I’ve said before that when you write for an audience you send your stories out into the world and you have no idea what anyone will do with them. You have no idea if they’ll make an impact, make anyone laugh, make anyone think, make anyone care. You all have not only given us the ability to keep doing the work we do, you’ve given us a sign that you’re out there listening and it matters.

Thank you all.


13 thoughts on “First Draft Fundraising: Claire in Hat Achieved!

  1. Adrastos says:

    Thanks from me too, guys. One thing I love about First Draft is that we have a swell virtual community thanks to our readers.
    Oscar thanks you too. Della Street wants food.

  2. Maitri says:

    Like I told you, we love what you do. You are an awesome writer, voicing so well that which sits in the pits of our burning stomachs but somehow doesn’t make it to our fingers and keyboards.
    Claire totally looks like a stoner, dude. What did she get as a treat for posing? Sweet buds? Big hugs to both of you.

  3. MarcD says:

    Totally worth it. She looks good in da hat!
    Next time you should do an NPR-like fund drive with premiums. Donate $x and a Pet Patron level donor gets their pet’s pic on the homepage. Ok, that might be a bit commercial, but as much as I love the content, I load you page every Friday to see the single and kittehs.

  4. MarcD says:

    Stupid iPhone autocorrect. That was “dingos” not singles. Notice that the “smartphone” didn’t understand dingos, but accepted “kittehs”.

  5. I bought a hat for a ferret? Huh. And here I thought I was keeping the liberal blogosphere alive … Huh …

  6. Garbo says:

    Yeah, I put my girls in hats once. Got a similar hostage photo effect. DO NOT WANT! But they do look damn cute.

  7. Tommy T says:

    You kids get OFFA MY LAWN!!!
    Also, what Athenae said.

  8. Southern Beale, no you did not buy a hat for a ferret. The hat was bought or won last year at a fundraiser for the ferret rescue group (correct me if I’m wrong Athenae?). The donations go to keep First Draft gracing our screens.

  9. liprap says:

    Claire could certainly give Shaun White a run for his money on the style halfpipe. Hide your shoes, A. And MAZEL TOV, First Drafters, for reaching those financial goals.

  10. I was kidding, Elspeth. I love First Draft, happy to support the lefty blogs that keep me sane in this crazy world!

  11. Adrastos says:

    We keep you sane, SB? Where have I gone wrong?

  12. jimintampa says:

    Athenae – more ferrets, please; drives Rudy CRAZY (crazier than 9/11 even).

  13. Pets shot says:

    This orange hat is looking so cute. I love all you do and this is very funny. This Glamour shot impressed me very much. Thanks for sharing and keep on posting more stuff.

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