Weekend Question Thread

What place in your house is absolutely filthy?

I’ve got a couple of closets nobody is allowed to look in because GOD KNOWS what is at the bottom of them. And I only really vaccuum under the couch when there’s a party and somebody might drop something and have to look under there.


14 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. What place isn’t? I’m a slob…ok, maybe not slob-to-the-level of a “reality” TV show, but definitely the lived-in look.
    Not really filth, but plenty of clutter — papers, books, magazines…and junk mail waiting to be shredded (was once a victim of identity theft, so I always shred that stuff before putting it in the trash.)

  2. for filthy, i gotta go with the cats turd box. or the fridge that is having issues.
    kitteh hair taint filthy. they smell like soap.

  3. I have a metric shit-tonne of clutter ALL over my apartment, and that’s NOT including the sewing bits that are out right now as I’m in full-scale costume making mode… It’s depressing. I’m purging – I can’t function like this anymore. There will be a midnight drop off at the local Goodwill, I can feel it. A visit to Half-Price Books to offload probably a few hundred dollars of books & dvds that will garner me maybe $5 for my expenses/trouble is going to happen, too. And ALL of the g’damned loose change I have collected will be taken to a CoinStar and redeemed into an Amazon gift card so that I can either treat myself to something or get one or two early xmas gifts out of the way. THEN I can start back on the costumes.
    Oh, and vacuuming WILL happen at some point this weekend, too! Then, I can breathe again.

  4. Plus, Jesus H no matter how many times I dust I still feel like there’s dust ALL OVER everything at the end of every day. Nobody else I visit ever seems to have this problem. None of my friends’ houses have dust all over. Is there a trick to this? Is there a magic dust-sucking air filter thing we can get?
    We’re not disgusting pig-people but I feel like the house is just never clean enough and that this is a personal failure.
    BRB going to scrub the floor on my hands and knees now.

  5. The area behind my computer desk. I looked back there once, and vowed never to do it again.

  6. Currently, my office and the upstairs bathroom. I haven’t cleaned the bathroom for quite a while, but, to be fair, neither has my housemate. The office is my own damn fault/problem.

  7. …the EPA swung by the house the other day to declare my second-born’s room a Superfund site. While I’m excited about the prospect of extra cash inflow, I would surmise that this particular bedroom would be the ‘filthiest room in the house’ to which you refer…
    BTW, from decades of experience I must insist that closets are not “rooms” per se (it is why we call them “Monster Closets” in my house), and are therefore exempt from consideration. I think it’s in the US Constitution somewhere, but I’m still looking into that reference…

  8. there’s that space behind the washer/dryer … and the one behind the fridge…

  9. The basement. Sawdust gets swept up about twice a year when projects are on hiatus. The extra bedroom isn’t filthy, but seriously cluttered, especially when it’s doubling as a winery. Got about 30 gallons bubbling away in there right now…

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