The Return Of Aqua Buddha

Rand Paul may be ahead in the polls but DemocratJack Conway is still playing to win the race for Jim Bunning’s seat in the Senate. In fact, Conway’s people have thrown a wicked curveball at Paul with this ad that may resonate with religious voters in Kentucky. Will it work? Beats the hell outta me but I’m glad Conway hasn’t given up.

UPDATE: Conway and Paul debate Aqua Buddhism. Rand blames his problem on bloggers but not Athenae specifically..

7 thoughts on “The Return Of Aqua Buddha

  1. It’s (almost) enough to make me want to vote for Paul. What a disgusting commercial.

  2. I like the ad too. I’m tired of gentlemanly losers who want to debate the issues on a higher plain. It’s not what the Goopers do and it wouldn’t work in this nasty environment either.

  3. If you can overlook the ethical problems of Rick Pitino and John Calipari, you can vote Rand Paul. I watched the Conway-Paul debate and Conway is an impressive guy but I’m not a Kentuckian. As for attacking somebody’s faith, Conway was attacking Rand Paul for being a weird guy, which he is.

  4. If you’re not from the South, you don’t understand the mentality (or lack thereof) of right-wing voters; they call themselves Christians, but they don’t worship that dirty sandal-wearing hippie who told people to turn the other cheek, love their enemies and give all they have to the poor. They hate that little commie creepo. These people worship Chuck Norris Jesus, sent from heaven to kill all the brown people and raise the white race into their glorious rich white man’s heaven. Trust me, I’m surrounded by these bastards, and they couldn’t care less about religion; what they want is money, power, and death to everyone who doesn’t think like them. There is no reason or logic at work here, just drooling anger and hatred.

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