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  1. Also jellyfish, served raw at a Chinese restaurant in lower Manhattan. Tasted kind of like a particularly bland cold cut.

  2. Fried rattlesnake. It did not taste like chicken… it was chewy like chicken but spicer. I liked it, actually.

  3. A piece of toast slathered with durian jelly. It tasted okay, but then I got a whiff of it – bad gasoline, really, really BAD gasoline – and I gave my husband the dirtiest look. He laughed, the stinker.

  4. Since, I’ll try anything once, I tried bull testicles many years ago in Spain. They were rubbery and tasteless but not nasty.

  5. like homey the clown, pansypoo don’t do that. but i think i had grouse of something birdlish at a wild game dinner in tennessee. i was NOT gonna try the raccoon!

  6. The most unusual thing I have eaten in some time didn’t have any particularly strange single ingredient in it, but… after swearing I wouldn’t, I ate at a “sushi” restaurant in Mexico City.
    This thing I ordered looked like a sushi roll, pretty much, by the description. I must have missed something though, and I admit I don’t know spanish worth a shit. The “sushi” roll arrived with some kind of cooked fish and jalapenos in it and it was covered in bubbly hot melted cheddar cheese. Mexican sushi.
    Fuck it, I was hungry.

  7. Chopped up chicken bones and innards in Nepal. Crunchy. Not very nice. At least I didn’t live with the people who had to eat goat lungs fermented in milk.
    Also, had to drink cod’s liver oil to try to bring on labor in a late pregnancy. That’s something that the fascists used to do to the communists in Italy. Its pretty awful.

  8. Porcupine. It was, well, awful – tough, stringy, not much flavor. I ate the bark chewer while a young dirty, fucking hippie. I’m an old dirty, fucking hippie now, but I no longer eat animals that were not made by evolution to be eaten, at least by primates. Thanks to strong efforts by the state & federal governments (the devils) we are experiencing a growing population of fishers & martens, predators that do regularly eat porcupines. Well, enough of this, I need to get back to ESPN & football, my solution to what happened last Tuesday.

  9. Smoked squid, which tasted sort of like smokey rubber bands. After the first six-pack it started tasting a little better, though.

  10. Raw squid. Not too exotic these days, I suppose, but, in the `60s, for someone who had been raised on tuna fish, roast beef and fried chicken for most of my life, it was pretty fuckin’ exotic. I did get a laugh when I asked if I had ink all over my tongue. The smoked eel wasn’t too bad, either.

  11. When my wife and I visited Africa, our evening meals tended to consist of whatever gorgeous animal we had seen earlier in the day (served in a restaurant, mind you. We weren’t hunting the things down!) So, I’ve had zebra, ostrich, springbok and some other critters I can’t remember.
    Our postcards read, “Namibia is lovely. We have seen many beautiful creatures and eaten most of them … ”

  12. I tried lutefisk once. It was slimy and horrible. I had to eat it to be polite at a friend’s parents new years party. She was a lovely Southern woman who could cook up a storm, and every year at New Years she made lutefisk for her Norwegian-from-Minnesota husband. Once a year she would do that for him. Just once a year. She must have REALLY loved him.
    So she made me try the stuff, and I choked it down, but I won’t ever do that again.

  13. …when you really think about it, oyster shooters are a really strange thing to actually consume, but I have done so. Gulping down the innards of a shellfish that just a few hours before was peacefully minding its own business is a brutal concept, but I have cheerfully done so, both with and without the benefit of cocktail sauce…

  14. A good friend of my wife and I is Chinese, and a great traditional Chinese cook. He and his wife used to have lots of parties, featuring his cooking. One year he served “1000 Year Eggs”. I ate a couple of pieces, liked it! That delighted the cook, so he presented me with a few more. When I finished them I decided, never, ever again! Unlike most of my resolutions I have kept that one for many years.

  15. I was in the Army’s jungle survival school in Panama, so I ate a lot of stuff I will never eat again. Bugs, mostly, and grubs, which weren’t too bad pan-fried.I did shoot a monkey with a blow gun once, just to see if I could, and the little bastard made me chase him for a few miles before he fell. So eating him had a double pleasure for making me work so damn hard.
    Iguana is good, too. The Indians call them chicken of the trees, so you can guess what they taste like.

  16. Chocolate covered bugs. I can’t remember if they were ants or grasshoppers. They tasted like…chocolate.

  17. Beef tripe and tendon, in the top of a bowl of Pho. They don’t taste too bad, but they have a thoroughly nasty texture.

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