Game of Thrones: MOAR Nerd Joy

My fabulous friend Jennifer (whoseawesome book you should all check out) alerted me tothis last night. Hummina.

Catelyn and Dany look nothing like I thought they would, but that’s just because in my head Dany was played by some incredibly hot baby Keira Knightley had in herKing Arthur days (I love that movie so SHUT UP) with like Anne Hathaway or something, and I thought maybe Catelyn was younger in the beginning of the series, but holy shit, Jamie Lannister. Also the outfit.

There are, however, spoilers in the captions, so be careful if you care about that sort of thing.

I think my recaps for this show are just gonna be “UMF” and “SQUEE” and “HOLY GOD YOU GUYS.”



4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: MOAR Nerd Joy

  1. but holy shit, Jamie Lannister.
    I think he’s having eye-sex with himself in that photo. “My jaw is so large and square and manly I have a special helmet.”
    Extra points for a crazy queen character. I love those.

  2. Spoiler alert!!!
    Jon Snow and Bran Stark do not, contrary to the caption of the picture, share a father.
    Jon Snow is Eddard Stark’s nephew. His sisters son.

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