Weekend Question Thread: Sports Night

What sports do you watch, if any?

I’ll watch just about anything, though football’s the real must-see-TV. We go to the Badger hockey home games (Dad’s had tickets since he was a student), and I love a baseball game in person. My in-laws have Milwaukee Bucks tickets and I’ve seen a few home games that way.

Basketball on television bores me witless, though. And increasingly I watch baseball with the sound off because the blather annoys me. GET OFF MY LAWN!


16 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Sports Night

  1. My favorites are: the major league baseball playoffs and World Series, the NBA Playoffs, and the National Football League, all season. Closely behind are the NCAA Women’s Basketball season, the regular major league baseball season, and the final game of the NCAA basketball championship. In dead last place, even behind 4 year olds playing soccer is any Hockey game.

  2. Watching a lot less football these days, but still will put LSU and Saints games on the teevee (I like to know if there will be happy drunks or angry drunks out and about after the game.) I remember airing Badger hockey and football games back when I had a student job working at Wisconsin Public Broadcasting — we’d play them on tape delay Saturday nights.
    Otherwise, I’ll still watch tennis because I play a bit of tennis and appreciate how much, much better the pros are. The World Cup Soccer tournament was really good, vuvuzelas notwithstanding–I wouldn’t mind seeing English Premier or some other major league. Soccer is something you can watch while doing other things, and the lack of commercials means the game are actually over in around two hours.
    I’ll watch the World Series, but find baseball to be exciting only when the games really count. Basketball of any kind is much better live than on television, and I’ve got especially fond memories of seeing a few ABA games when I was a kid: short shorts, Afros, and the red, white, and blue basketball…

  3. Saints games, definitely, and I agree with Michael on MLB games, for the most part. My dad used to have all the Grand Slam tennis tournaments on all the time when I was a kid, and I did get into some of them, but the ones I distinctly recall getting into the most were the televised Olympic games from ’84 on. Summer AND winter, didn’t matter. That still applies.

  4. usd to watch baseball. last strike, baseball is dead to me. no world series? fooey. watched football. but since 2008 i guess i pay more attention the the sport of politics, but even that is getting dreary. more fun watching autralian rules football since i have no idea what is going on.
    bread and circuses.

  5. Football and hockey. Love my Vikings (let the mocking begin), BSU football has made me a college football fan, although I hate all that BCS nonsense, and my first love is my soon-to-be-renamed Fighting Sioux hockey. Hockey is the best live in person, football is the best on the teevee.
    Don’t like basketball, never have. Will watch baseball but A is right, sound must be off. In fact, no matter the game, baseball or football, Joe Buck is THE WORST must annoying twit and should be muzzled. Al Michaels could join him.

  6. Curling. Tour de France.
    No hockey, no football, no baseball.
    Yes, I know we’re a couple of effete elite cheese-eating Canadians. But even when we were Americans, it was no different except that it was hard to find curling on the teevee machine.

  7. Football, college (“Go NIU Huskies!) and pro (if you consider the Bears pros). And curling when I can find it on the tube, which isn’t often. I like watching a lot of the sports during the winter Olympics, too.
    Haven’t been interested in baseball since a kid knocked me down with a high hard one inside back in fifth grade. Made a nice dent in the earhole of the batting helmet, though.
    Used to watch basketball during the Jordan era in Chicago, but just can’t get much interested in the bunch of losers they’ve hired since then.

  8. The non-stop blather of commentators on TV basketball and baseball bugs the crap out of me. You’re there to convey useful and interesting information, not Phil Spector with a continuous Wall of Sound, so just STFU. Less is more.

  9. College football. I watch 14+ hours every fall Saturday. I really don’t watch any other sports on tv. The Super Bowl, I watch because I go to a viewing party. I watch some mens basketball. And I love my tall bitches in Crimson britches. Some golf tourneys. some olympics, winter and summer. I watched some of the world cup. Some horse races. Some poker ( lol totally not a sport, but those tourneys can be endurance tests.)
    But damn do I love, love, love college football.
    Boomer Sooner!!!

  10. Pro basketball would bore me to death too if I had to watch any team other than the Celtics. The big bonus is that most of their regular season games are on local TV, with the local broadcast team of Tommy Heinsohn and Mike Gorman, who know more about basketball than all the network announcers put together. So you get to watch great players playteam basketball, and you learn something from the announcers, rather than have them happy-talk right over the most crucial plays. I watch every game all season.

  11. Love baseball, have since 1967, go Angels!
    Like the NFL, college football not at all, go Colts (since the Rams left and Manning came to Indy)
    Love the NHL, go Kings!
    NBA bores me to tears, too many games, too much one-on-one, go Lakers!, I guess
    Love college hoops, more a team game, go UCLA!
    Love the real football (soccer), English style, go Everton!
    Hate NASCAR, it’s all just identical cars making left turns
    Love F1, though it’s a bit predictable once someone gets a lead
    Olympics, both winter and summer (except women’s gymnastics because of the way it’s covered)
    Cricket, curling, field hockey, team handball, anything competitive, I especially wish cricket was available to watch here
    Except for when Martin Tyler is calling an English football game, I turn the sound off and listen to music, I don’t need someone telling me what my eyes can see and I don’t care about crowd noise.

  12. College hockey, first and foremost. I grew up in Denver, watching the likes of Keith Magnuson and Bill Masterton, but attended Colorado College. Had to stick up for the Tigers, you know, in the face of the UND and Bucky fans who’ve already spoken up.

  13. Curling. What a great sport. When the Olympics were on they showed hardly any here in the US so I had to surf the internet for illegal rebroadcasts.
    I triple the sentiment that announcers need to STFU. I used to live in Montreal and at some point there was a strike at one of the French-language TV stations, so they ran hockey games without announcers at all, just some stats and names on the screen and pumped the on-ice sound way up. That was awesome.

  14. Saints football when showing in the stupid Dallas-centric Houston broadcast market. I have a strange fascination w/X-games-type events (the skateboard and bicycle ‘jams’). I love ice hockey when I see it in person. But I haven’t been a season ticket holder in a while.

  15. almost anything but baseball … which works so much better over the radio, inexplicably …
    except the Rangers. Them I’ll watch on TV.
    It’s like the Cowboys, Saints, or Texans. Runs in the blood, for some reason.

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