Anonymous Herman Cain story was leaked to Politico on the same day the hoaxidate appeared at the National Press Club.

Whodunit? My money is on that veteran ratfucker, Karl Rove.

Any thoughts readers?

9 thoughts on “Whodunit?

  1. Hannity & the rest of the right wing nutosphere are blaming liberals, of course. We always get blamed for everything. Yes of course this is ALL our fault, because we’re sooooo scared of a Herman Cain candidacy.
    It really defies logic that with at least 6 other candidates campaigning hot and heavy for the nomination, *liberals* would be the ones leaking a scandal on Herman Cain. I mean, you’ve gotta be smoking something to think there isn’t someone, somewhere, with a little more of an interest in taking him out. DUH.
    Of course, logic and reason are not top on the list of conservative attributes.
    Someone else suggested Rove earlier but I frankly didn’t think Cain would be worth his time. But it’s possible someone decided this farce had gone on long enough and the Iowa poll numbers were troubling enough … time to pull the plug. Interesting that this surfaced at the same time as the rambling drunk Rick Perry video, too.
    I think perhaps someone — maybe Rove, or someone else — decided now was the time for people to fall in line behind Romney, dammit. It’s been his turn forever. It was his turn last time, but they gave it to McCain and look how that turned out? IT’S HIS TURN. Let the man have his turn.
    Too bad conservative voters don’t like him. Suck it up, he’s who you’re stuck with.

  2. adrastos says:

    Rove has been trashing all the fringe candidates because he thinks the GOP can win if they’re out early.

  3. I pegged the Perry campaignas soon as I read this news this morning.
    I remember what happened last time a Texas governor with aspirations to the White House was having trouble winging Southern primary votes against a guy whose name ended with “Cain.”
    History isn’t supposed to repeat quite this quickly.

  4. thebewilderness says:

    I think they have oppo in their pocket on everyone by now. It is all about the timing. Was this meant to distract from the campaign finance fraud issues or enhance them? That will give us an idea of who put it out there and why.

  5. MichaelF says:

    Yeah, I agree with you — this has the Karl Rove smell.

  6. scout says:

    Yup. As soon as anyone, other than Mitt, gets going you see Rove come out and slap them down a bit.

  7. MapleStreet says:

    Made a comment on the earlier blog post on this.
    While we’re talking about the rumor mill, the folks commenting on the local TV news web page are making all sorts of wild allegations incliding that OWS met police with a full scale riot, they are defecating on police cars, and unlike the Tea Party they are leaving all their trash around.
    Stay tuned to hear about the missing “W” from the Whitehouse keyboards and the missing birth certificate.

  8. pansypoo says:

    mittens has the money for ops.

  9. Looks like the imploding Cain campaign sure thinks it was Perry.

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