Premature Elect-ulation

OK, so then this happened: One of Scott Walker’s backers filed paperwork Friday to seek a recall of the governor.

Oh, don’t worry.

It’s not a story of remorse or a change of heart.

It’s just another Machiavellian machination in a long string of malicious maneuvers.

By filing the recall petition, David Brandt gave Walker an 11-day head start to his fundraising efforts. Democrats had made it loud and clear they planned to launch their recall on Nov. 15.

According to state law, as soon as the first official recall petition is received, Walker can start raising an unlimited amount of cash to fight for his job.

It is also likely more than coincidence that Walker is heading on a national fundraising trip in the next couple days.

The Democrats are pissed and the Republicans are doing a “who me?” thing when it comes to this action. To be fair to the folks in the GOP, this guy ponied up about $240 since 2010 for Walker. He’s not exactly a Koch brother. Still, it’s great to have some pawn on the board decide to go screaming toward chaos in order to screw up everyone else’s well-planned moves.

This thing is on the heels of a decision that if Walker is to be recalled, his lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch must be separately recalled. And that’s on the heels of a set of cross-wired fights regarding whether old or new districts will be used for any and all recalls.

If Walker were confident in his position, his support throughout the state and his grip on reality, he’d call a press conference tonight on this thing. Then, he’d confidently walk to the podium, tell the media he didn’t know this was coming and say he will not do any fundraising or prepare for any recall until after Nov. 15.

He’d look at the Democrats and with steely resolve say, “You think I’m afraid? Fuck you. Come and get me.”

Of course, this is not our governor. He will do the, “Well, geez, I mean, this guy filed and I can do this under the law, so why shouldn’t I?” thing. He’ll take every edge he can get, palm every ace he gets his grubby little paws on and undercut every opponent’s actions in the most devious of ways.

Then, when he’s done wrecking the shit out of this state, using every underhanded trick he can and hanging on to his job by the narrowest-minded of margins, he’ll declare that the people of spoken and he’s ready to move forward.

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