3 thoughts on “Headline of the Day

  1. I’m getting this less and less. Before, I would have said the conventional wisdom was that a frontrunner didn’t debate with someone behind them in the polls because they could only lose votes and not gain them. With Newt so far behind that he is essentially out of the race, the only explanation I could have come up with was that Cain realized his position was rather desperate also. Plus, even with everything I have against Newt (and I’m from Georgia, so I have a long history of distain for him), I have to admit that he has a good fund of knowledge of history and politics which could flatten someone who hadn’t also made a study of government.
    But now they call it a Lincoln/Douglas style debate? Lincoln Douglas debates lasted the whole day and even beyond. Anyone there could introduce a question (that is, no censorship of questions) and the candidates had to thorougly answer. Kind of the exact opposite of today.

  2. I think it’s: History repeats itself, first time as tragedy, second as farce, third time as infomercial.

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