Sunday Morning Video: Sideshow Babies- History Detectives

A recent episode ofBoardwalk Empire showed an incubator baby place on the, uh, boardwalk. That, in turn, made me think of this swell segment fromHistory Detectives as reported by the fabulous Tulane alum, Elyse Luray:

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: Sideshow Babies- History Detectives

  1. Dr. Couney’s incubator babies date back well past the Chicago exhibit in 1933. He opened the first exhibit at Coney Island around 1905. The medical establishment considered him a kook when he first proposed his incubators. It took about 35 years of exhibiting premature babies as a kind of freak show for him to convince the medical establishment of the merits of his approach. This story is a great example of how moral judgments are difficult to make across time. Here was a doctor devoted to saving babies through a wonderful invention and in hindsight it is very easy to see him as unethical and exploitative.
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