Iowa Caucus Crack Van

I don’t know who I want to win because I want them all to lose. Behave yourselves in the van. Posts in here belong to their posters, not to the ferrets. Share the HAMS. 

Van closed. Well, thank God we had that marathon discussion of what white evangelical male voters wanted, because that’s a subject entirely uncovered in our national media. And as the astute van commenters pointed out, Iowa evangelicals made themselves a choice between someone they believe is a member of a cult but who stands the best chance of beating Obama, and someone who spouts all the right nonsense for them but who would be like Bambi going up against the Truckasaurus.


12 thoughts on “Iowa Caucus Crack Van

  1. No ham again. I can never geet this thing to work…curious – is it just me?

  2. I can’t get the Crack Van to work and it’s too sad to watch Ron Paul and Rick Santorum returns by myself.
    I think I’ll make some spaghetti and think about exercising instead.
    Starch/Inertia ’12!

  3. Dammit…tried the iPad version – somehow ended up getting Arabic pRon chat…!??! NOT what I wanted.
    Fixed dinner (rotisserie chicken, sauteed spinach, steamed broc & carrots and a croissant on the side…) and nommed – came in via the laptop and still NOTHING. ๐Ÿ™
    No HAMS, no ferrety madness, no Kitten:3, Punch:2 (or, my fave, SLAP)…for me tonight. ๐Ÿ™
    Have fun kids, tell me all about it.
    “Santorum 2012 – A Fetus In Every Jar!”

  4. We’re gonna try CoverItLive or something for New Hampshire, on Sunday when I have time to fuck around with it. I’m sorry you guys were locked out. There were hams, and hockey, and so many Santorum jokes.

  5. Sorry I missed the excitement. Damn. Must cook on the night before next time.
    Anyway, Field of Frothy Dreams, it seems. Who knew Iowa Republiclowns enjoyed their froth so…?

  6. A – I couldn’t get in at first. When I restarted my computer I could get it. I think it had something to do with Java hanging up in the browser.

  7. I tried on my old laptop too, to no avail. The parachat iPad thing w/the moozlim pRon chat threw me. I deleted the app. I just wanted some hams…

  8. Had to miss the crack van. But may I add, Thank God that that is over now. No more local ads running on TV !!!!!

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