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I don’t know what happened to cause this — I think maybe I saw one on a show, or had a dream, or something — but I really want a Siberian Husky puppy all of a sudden.

If you could have any pet at all, what would you have?


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  1. Not very imaginative, but I love my dogs and if I could afford it I’d give many more a home. Oh, and a toucan.

  2. I think Tilly would get stuck in his teeth. She’s turned into quite the little pudgeroo.

  3. Am happy with my orange cat. As for Huskies, I remember in Madison regularly passing by either a Husky or Malamute in a fenced yard on my way to work who was always friendly, except for one time when he or she was staring intensely across the street…which made me look, too.
    Sure enough, it was the mailman.

  4. No you don’t, unless you have steel cages for the ferrets and about ten acres. Huskies and malamutes both measure their territories in miles.
    Also, they’re scavengers. They will eat almost anything, including plastic, glass, fabric, you name it. My friend’s husky cost him thousands of bucks in vet bills because of this habit.
    Also also, that husky bit me. Twice. So I might be prejudiced.

  5. If I had unlimited space and time…
    In addition to our 2 cats (in a one-bedroom apartment, no less), I’d have
    More cats

  6. The first duty of a Siberian Husky is to escape. We had a rescued Husky mix which we got from a friend as a found dog. I say “had” because she stayed with us for all of 3 weeks before escaping, never to be seen again. We checked the found pet ads in the paper to see if anyone picked her up and no one had, but also found in the process that over half of the found dogs were…wait for it…huskies!
    Also too, the worse case of separation anxiety I ever saw was a Husky who literally jumped through a second story plate glass window to be with his owner. I stitched up the lacerations and promptly packed them off to see a board-certified veterinary behaviorist. Seperation anxiety isn’t over-represented with huskies, but when they get it, look out!

  7. In addition to what Abshier says above, before you get a husky, consider that you’re getting a dog bred to run all day and not bred for a “family” disposition. So make sure you’re prepared to provide an outlet for their energy and also start off early with a dog trainer for socialization.

  8. I am pining for another tortoise shell cat. Don’t feel right bringing another into our current cat household since Oscar and Della get along so well and the newbie would change the dynamic plus pick up their bad habits. But I am really really tempted whenever I see one that needs a home!

  9. I am very thoroughly owned by two cats (and by owned, I mean that when I serve them catfood they don’t prefer that evening, I get a green-eyed stare and duly go and open a tin of sardines to add to the catfood bowls) but I am obsessed with this:

    I swear this creature triumphed by the sheer power of cute. After all, the only thing going for it was cute. But the power of the cute beat out all the strength, beauty, grace, and sheer dogginess of all the other dogs…

  10. I’d like an Australian cattle dog and maybe a small farm to keep him or her happy.

  11. I’m not seriously considering getting a husky. I’m not even a dog person. But out of nowhere I found myself looking at pictures of the puppies online and going OOH MUST SQUISHES IT AND MAKES IT MINE.
    If I ever get a farm of my own (another daydream that if it actually came true I’d be screwed, like, I kill houseplants) then I would have a bunch of huskies but here in this little hole in the wall? No.

  12. If you do want a dog, adopt a retired greyhound. The couch potato cliche about them is true.

  13. Two neutered male outside (with claws) cats, raised together, now in early maturity. One or both tabby.

  14. I love the way you put the ‘give people something to talk about all weekend low maintenance question” up and we all swarm on you, all “NO YOU MAY NOT HAVE A HUSKY!”
    As of a couple weeks ago, i’m down to 3 pets, an all time low for me, so yr question is relevant. What I will get is another dog, because Possum the surviving dog, is one of those “special” cases, like Hyperbole’s Slow Dog or dooce’s Coco. He’s actually sort of brilliant, but only at a very specific frequency. The rest of the time, the other 23 hours a day, he needs a Boss Dog, or per Hyperbole, a Helper Dog. The late boss, Grommit, kept him anchored, the way a good alpha does. Dogs need dogs, so another dog must be had, but it’s not a good time financially at the moment.
    Now IF I could get ANY pet I wanted, I would like to venture farmward. My good buddy Deborah (@dasparky) and her husband did exactly what you mentioned dreaming about- they were tech geeks (he still is) and they did the green acres thing, with no experience. They have chickens, a duck or two and a shit ton of geese, and Deb does well selling eggs from all the above. In crazy moments, I think I’d like to try that. Then I’ll see Deb who hasn’t slept in 2 nites because we’ve had a hard freeze and she’s had to keep the chicken coop heated and make sure none of the geese have wandered off and gotten frozen in the pond again like that one time, and I come back to reality. They also have three gigantic livestock guardian dogs to protect the birds from coyotes and bobcats and mountain lions and owls and hawks and foxes and coons, snakes etc. Those kind of dogs like to ‘expand their territory’ ie, go walkabout, and one of theirs has proven to be quite the Houdini. Neither barb wire, chain link, electrification, galvanized tin,nor cement shall stay Bandit from her appointed rounds, and once she’s destroyed whatever the latest thing is the’ve tried to stop her with, some of the rest of the livestock have been known to follow.
    So, yeah, when I start thinking about chickens or geese or how adorable baby goats are, or alpacas might provide a goid retirement income, or that I could probably het away keeping one of those absolutely precious tiny Sicilian donkeys the folks down the road sell, …
    yeah, the next pet will just be a *regular* dog.

    You’re all just looking out for my best interests. And the husky’s. 🙂
    See, I would like to do a thing where somebody else actually farms and we just live on the property and hang out with the animals and feel like the Ingalls Wilders and have big country ham breakfasts and shit. And somebody else stays up all night with the chicken coop.

  16. I would LOVE to have a Raven as an avian companion – free flying w/its own door… 🙂 But I know, most if not all states say it’s illegal to own such a bird. Which is fine. I love ‘talking’ w/the ones that live near our apartment. 🙂 Not to mention, a ‘personal’ one might tend to nom the kittehs… (and, my man and I have agreed – 5 cats is too many for us. Truth be told, 2 is perfect…but for now, we have a surplus of three we will love and care for all 5 until…)

  17. Uh Oh. Very late to the party on this but already have 17 dogs. I think I’m a dog person. (Rescues all.)

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