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  1. That’s a tough one. We see a lot of movies, Mr. Beale is a huge film fanatic. I’m SO over the franchises, I hate Spider-Man and all that crap. Spider-Man, what happens to the cob webs? They just disappear? He’s a fucking environmental disaster. They never explained what happens to the cobwebs, so I can’t get into the films, I spend the whole time imagining New York City dripping in ginormous cobwebs. I can suspend disbelief pretty far but the logistics need to be there for me. I’m funny that way. Also, I hate spiders.
    So much noise in movies today. Mr. Beale forced me to see The Avengers, I think that was because I made him go to a chick-flick. Hated it. So tired of seeing New York City blown up in movies, too. I’ll probably have to see The Dark Knight Rises and I may find that somewhat enjoyable. He’s also going to make me see Savages, which I really don’t want to see but this is what you do when you’re married.
    We see a lot of independent movies. We saw Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World last week and it was actually sweet. We also saw Moonrise Kingdom and I really loved it. I’m really looking forward to PT Anderson’s new one, The Master. It’s about Scientology, but it doesn’t come out until October.
    I guess of the ones coming out I really want to see Queen of Versailles, which is a documentary.

  2. Safety Not Guaranteed will end up being my retroactive favorite, even though most of the ones I am still excited to see are big bashy action movies—Total Recall, The Bourne Legacy, Skyfall, &c.

  3. We’ve seen “the Raven” (good), “Prometheus”(good), “Brave” (awesome), “The Avengers” (awesome)…but today I believe we’re slinking in to Hollywood so that I can see “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and the Dude can view the new rehash of “Spiderman”. We just missed being in NOLA for me to screen “Beasts” there…and it’s only showing at the H’wood location here.

  4. Oooh yeah “Beasts of the Southern Wild” is one we really want to see, thanks for reminding me of that one. I don’t think it’s opened here yet but it’s getting amazing reviews and the previews look awesome.

  5. Only movie I’m really looking forward to is The Hobbit, and that’s not out til Nov. or Dec. LOL There are movies out now that I want to see like Brave and Seeking a Friend and several others. I used to see like 50 movies a year and now I just think, Netflix.

  6. meh. i wait for cable. i am soooo slow. i finally saw The Usual Suspects. tho i did see The Help last night.

  7. No movies, but I bought a multi-zone DVD player to catch the BBC series The Thick of It and will be watching season five of Breaking Bad, which I think starts a week from Sunday.

  8. We saw Brave and can’t wait to see it again. Never got around to seeing the Hunger Games so we’re counting down until August to see it on DVD and then count down until the Hobbit comes out this fall.

  9. Hey! That spidy spit is silk. People gather it up and weave garments out of it. What else!

  10. The Dark Knight Rises. Taking my boys to see it in IMAX. Hell yeah!

  11. We’ve been watching old Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple movies. They are absolutely hilarious and work as both send ups and – sort of – adaptations of some Agatha Christie classics. They’re in black and white and chock full of English small town goodness. It’s a wonder no one trips over the aspidistras. So far, we’ve seen Murder, Most Foul and Murder, She Wrote, and we’ve been rolling on the floor laughing. Her theatrical audition, reading The Shooting of Dan McGrew, was a classic.
    We also watched Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams, his documentary about a newly discovered prehistoric cave in southern France. The constraints of filming in the cave, the limits on setup, manpower and technique make for an excellent visual exposition. You can sense the power of the artwork, even if it is illuminated by hand held LED lamps rather than flickering torches. The coda, which involves a nuclear powered crocodile farm not far from the caves, was pure, brilliant Herzog at his most Herzoggy.

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