Gaffe – n. – When You Accidentally Say What You Think

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So Mitt’s in full walkback/denial mode as to his adviser’s cloddish phrasing

But aside from the piss-poor choice of words — dog whistle, even for wingnuts, calls for a bit more tact — was anyone really surprised? Clift, not my favorite writer, gets it right this time — there’s been a sustained and ongoing effort to paint Obama as less-than-American…and, to paraphrase another not favorite writer, only a fool — or a pundit — would fail to see what’s so “other” about the president.

And you can bet if it had gotten some positive traction they’d be shouting Anglo-Saxon from the mountaintops.

6 thoughts on “Gaffe – n. – When You Accidentally Say What You Think

  1. Unless it’s for comedic effect, it’s never a good idea to shout, “The sheriff’s a N-BONG!”

  2. Does anybody know what ethnicity Obama’s mother is? French? Italian? Scandanavian? German? Celtic? Maybe Anglo-saxon?
    For that matter, does anyone know what Mitt’s ethnic background is?
    Anglo-saxon =/= white. It’s a particular subset of white that was the romanticized minority in England after the Norman conquest. You’d think racists would know that…

  3. From Wikipedia:
    [Ann] Dunham was born in Saint Francis Hospital in Wichita, Kansas,[8] as the only child of Madelyn Lee Payne and Stanley Armour Dunham.[9] She was of predominantly English ancestry, with some German, Swiss, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh ancestry.
    And this morning I read something in the UK Telegraph that Ronmey’s family is from Liverpool.

  4. The whole term “Anglo-Saxon” betrays historical ignorance of breathtaking proportions. The Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes were Germanic/Scandinavian tribes of opportunistic invaders who decided, after a few years of raiding the hapless Celts of Britain after the Roman empire collapsed and left them unprotected, “fuck this rowing back and forth noise—let’s stay here in Britain.” Fast-forward a couple of centuries, and the descendants of the AS&J’s found themselves invaded by Vikings—honest-to-Odin Scandinavians. Jump ahead another few centuries, and you have the invasion in 1066 of the Norman French, themselves descendants of Germanic tribes (Norman = Norsemen). Is anybody else detecting a trend here? Germanic…Scandinavian…Aryan Supremacy…
    In any case, there’s been no such fucking thing as “Anglo-Saxons” for more than 1,000 goddamn years. I can’t wait until this election is over and we never have to hear from this blithering idiot richboy any more. The fact that this race is even statistically close is hard evidence of just how fucking stupid half this country has become.

  5. For what it’s worth, the Republican base is more Scots-Irish than Anglo-Saxon anyway.

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