Friday Ferretblogging

Tilly has all her shots finally (I was putting off the rabies while she was still so miniature and fragile), so she’s going to start being a therapy animal! My upstairs neighbor, owner of the Universe’s Best Dog (I’m not even a dog person and I LOVE THIS DOG), does a program where the dogs go into nursing homes and visit the residents who want to hang with a pet for a while. She asked if a ferret would be an acceptable participant, and the program folks said yes, so off we will go next month, to a whole other group of people for this one to charm:



2 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. She’s very therapeutic for me!
    My neighbor took her dog to therapy dog school. He’s fantastic at it and she finds the patients’ reactions to him very uplifting.

  2. nursing homes should ALWAYS have puppies, kittens + birds. it was amazing to see how much happier the elderly were at a chance kitten a nurse had brought in and didn’t know what sex. HOW DOES AN ADULT KNOW THE DIFF??? shit, THE HUMANE SOCIETY had a GIRL color on my cosmo! really??? REALLY???

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