Weekend Question Thread: Paul Ryan

What the fuck?

That is my question. What the fuck?

Does he think this will help him win swing states? Because Rubio or a chick would have been more interesting there. Two dudes, so Caucasian as to be transparent, who hate poor people and think the reason the middle class isn’t the upper class is that the middle class is lazy. I’m not seeing the Romney-mentum in this decision.


13 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Paul Ryan

  1. I think Romney’s strategy is pretty clear: pick a guy who’s an even bigger fucking asshole than he is. The GOP just lost the votes of millions of senior citizens who aren’t about to give up their Social Security or Medicare.

  2. So we have a Presidential candidate who has probably dodged paying many millions of dollars in taxes picking a VP who wants to throw grandma into the street because the Federal government doesn’t have enough revenue.
    I dunno what that smells like, but it sure ain’t victory.

  3. This is how I felt during the primaries, like, at least make a game of it, guys. Probably anybody was gonna lose to Obama because he’s a hell of a campaigner, but it would be nice if we could actually have an election that was an honest fight. This is just … fuck it, it’s already over.
    I wonder how many people turned Romney down.

  4. over at maddowblog, steve benen repeats his thesis that v-p picks come in three flavors:
    1) januaries – someone who will help govern (cheney, gore)
    2) novembers – someone who will help the ticket win (lbj)
    3) augusts – someone who will help nail down the nomination
    the fact that rmoney is still trying to solidify the bugnuts insane wing of his party (really, pretty much all of them) at this late date does not speak highly of his standing.

  5. I am surprised that a supposed rising star of the GOP would voluntarily associate himself with Williard. I would have thought he would be more protective of his brand. (returns to peering intently into tea leaves)

  6. Didn’t even notice the question until after I posted. I am unobservant and sleepy in the morning. Besides, I have a swell title and wrote the post around it.

  7. I smell a Palin.
    This reeks of a VP choice made to shore up the base-crazies, a choice where the second on the ticket will distract from the complete moral bankruptcy of the candidate, and a choice that elevates another fringy nut case into undeserved celebrity.
    Lil’ Willie has already locked in the worst major party candidate since Goldwater status; this just positions him for the final push to William Jennings Bryan-esque immortality.
    I didn’t actually dislike willie before this. Now I really really do.

  8. This was aquid pro quo to the sick-fuck billionaires, because they not only want to buy the presidential election, they want to buy all the rest, too. The Tea Partiers hate Romney and some were going to stay away because of him.
    Now, the down-ticket Tea Party candidates can be more certain that the TPers will be at the polls, and that the money will start flowing to them from the sick fucks.
    In fact, I think the decision was made some time ago, and they’ve been working up the ads in the meantime. I expect a media blitz intended to turn a dorky, creepy, sadistic, adolescent Rand-cultist into an amalgam of Einstein, Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman, and the policy brains behind Romney’s campaign.
    By the time the vacation season is over, half the public is going to think that it’s Ryan who’s actually running for President, and that he’s smarter than god hisself.

  9. I suppose he thinks he gets the religious right, the tea partiers, and the freepers, all in one fell swoop, by selecting the zombie eyed granny starver.
    So now that he finally has his base, which is essential to make it a close election, the state Republican parties will sew it up for him with their deny the votes of Democrats strategy.

  10. I forgot about how much the corporate media babblers lurve this guy. Dancin’ Dave adorables him almost as much as Glenn Beck and David Brooks do.

  11. I’ll never understand how the darling of the Tea Party is also the shill for extremely big, international business. So much for the idea that the Tea Party was to look out for the average American.

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