Couldn’t Be Happening to a Nicer Douchemook

General horror aside, it really is all kinds of hilarious watching Republicans, for once, have to try to throw somebody over the side.

I mean, they don’t even really know HOW.

Usually it’s a Democrat saying something like, “possibly Republicans are assholes, sometimes” and then ensues two weeks of screaming from Joe Lieberman and Harold Ford about irresponsibility and The Tone and then the unfortunate fuck quits and we all talk wistfully about what it would be like to have a grown-up political party.

Meanwhile Republicans can say things like “we should cave in the entire earth and shove all the poor people in the hole, especially the child-bearing brown ladies” and the national party just sort of shrugs, because: Tuesday.

Now they’re trying to scrape Akin off the side of the ship, which is its own irony in that he was only slightly ruder about what they all think than they usually are, and he’s clinging like a barnacle.

Pass the popcorn. I could watch this all day.


5 thoughts on “Couldn’t Be Happening to a Nicer Douchemook

  1. Today, 5 PM, was the deadline for Akin to withdraw without a court order and having to pay for the reprinting of ballots.
    So he has effectively made it near impossible for the GNoP to find a replacement candidate.
    Previously, it looked like the race would be close with McCaskill’s seat being in peril.
    I can only hope that folks throughout the country look at their candidates and wonder if Akin just said the logical conclusion of the extreme right wing rhetoric.

  2. What I’m loving is how worthless douchewads like Cal Thomas (to whom I refuse to link because our hostess probably would strike me dead) are saying that the liberal, liberal-loving media laid a trap for Akin AND THAT HE WALKED INTO IT.
    It never seems to have crossed that motherfucker’s mind that Akin’s beliefs and statements CATEGORICALLY DISQUALIFY HIM FROM HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE IN THIS AND MOST OTHER UNIVERSES, if not in bizarro-GOP world and the Village hivemind.
    Jesus Christ in a hopped-up sidecar, if classes hadn’t started again already, I’d be on the outside of a fifth of cheap tequila in a gutter somewhere.

  3. If, as Paul Ryan wishes, abortion were illegal in all cases — even in the case of rape — how many years should a woman be sentenced to prison for getting an abortion.
    That’s the fucking question I want asked by every reporter in the fucking land!
    If a woman gets raped and becomes pregnant, then chooses an “illegal” abortion, just how many fucking years does Paul Ryan suggest the government lock her ass up in the fucking slam?!?!?
    If you believe abortion is murder, shouldn’t the “offending” rape victim have to face the needle? If you’re gonna make abortion a crime, don’t you want to be “TOUGH” on crime, unlike those faggy Dims?
    Gimme an anwswer, you douche-bag Republicans.

  4. Huh. So you’re telling me that a rep who’s opposed to the federal government having anything to do with school lunches and the Civil Rights Act might 1) say something incredibly stupid 2) totally dig in his heels when people are trying to push him out of the race for saying something stupid?
    Anyway, good luck with that, GOP.

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