The Mittistry of Silly Walks

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Rachel Maddow noted Mitt’s engaged in somewhat unusual tactics for this late stage of the presidential campaign, mostly avoiding big rallies in swing states in favor of fundraisers in safely red ones.

I dunno, maybe they need the money (sarcasm)…or maybe that’s just what makes them feel comfortable while avoiding any more embarrassing moments of Romney telling us what he really thinks.

4 thoughts on “The Mittistry of Silly Walks

  1. Willard’s great skill is in extracting cash from a failing enterprise, then bailing out before it crashes and burns.
    He may be (now) convinced that he can’t win. BUT, when someone is running for office, they can convert their campaign funds into “personal” funds when they retire from politics.
    If Willard loses, he has ZERO chance of a future in politics.
    So now he’s pumping up his “retirement account” with the assistance of rich GOP suckers. Hard to feel sorry for them.

  2. Actually, the most embarrassing moment so far (the 47% speech) happened at a fundraiser.
    But if they feel more comfortable that way, who am I to object?
    Actually, I’ll be a little disappointed if he doesn’t show up in Wisconsin. I was hoping to stand outside one of his events, waving a Cayman Islands flag.

  3. The way Romney has been Palinizing himself with off the wall comments, maybe he is better to stay with friendly crowds.
    The fact that he OBVIOUSLY isn’t gonna even approach the anti- and the undecideds this way and he is instead spending the time strictly with those who already support him sure makes it look like his organization knows that he doesn’t have much chance of winning over anyone else.

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