Weekend Question Thread: Bedtime

I have a friend who has one of those foam-topped sleep number adjustable fancy beds. She loves it. We just have a basic mattress, bought about a million years ago, and I could sleep on dry ice so it doesn’t matter much one way or the other, but I love lots of blankets, in the winter, so it’s piled with every afghan and quilt in the house for chilly mornings.

What’s your bed like?


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  1. Two dachshunds and 3 cats and one mink blankey from Korea, does it every time!

  2. A Temperpedic bed. Would run across there ads in “Smithsonian”, etc. and thought the ads were a bit on the cheesy side. Bought one on the recommendation of my doctor. Best move I’ve made.
    I like cold bedrooms but warm beds. Beds without a lot of weight on them so it’s a flannel sheet, an electric blanky and a light duvet.

  3. Homemade platform bed – 2 x 4 frame, 3/4 inch pressboard platform, memory foam base and futon mattress. Comfortable but firm.
    In the summer, I run the ceiling fan, so year round it’s cool enough for a blanket.
    Also lots of pillows.

  4. Funny you should ask cuz the husband and I were just talking about this today at lunch. Our mattress is 12 years old now and we probably need a new one. Just a plain, ordinary mattress. But Mr. Beale was joking about getting one of those beds you see advertised on TV it’s basically like two hospital beds shoved together, and you have a remote control that adjusts the feet and head. I told him if I ever need a hospital bed in the house, just shoot me. I went through that with my mother, the metal railings and all that so she wouldn’t fall out. God, just too many bad associations for me.

  5. Oh also I like cold rooms but warm beds and heavy blankets. So we have a comforter and thick comforter cover. Also at least two cats on any given night, sometimes more. If it gets really cold we just pile another cat on. Works every time.

  6. A few years after we were married we were shopping the dusty back corners of antique stores for furniture my dad could refinish. We found a bed resting in a shallow puddle that seemed in really bad shape, but it also seemed to have good bones: A 6′ maple headboard, matching 4′ maple footboard, and oak sideboards. At $1.50, though, the price was right. I refinished it, repairing water damage with bleach and stain, and uncovering birdseye accents and hand-carved trim. Since it was old, it was small, between a regular full bed and a 3/4, so we had a mattress and spring made for it. More than 40 years later, it’s still our bed, albeit with a new mattress 10 years ago. It sports one of my wife’s handmade light quilts during the summer, now replaced with a fluffy comforter in our old house’s unheated bedroom for the coming northern Illinois winter. Added benefit: It’s high enough off the floor so that in our arthritic ‘golden years’ we can just slide out in the morning.

  7. We had a pillow top mattress at the Four Seasons in New York City ages ago. We liked it so much, we both swear by pillow tops now. They aren’t even that much more expensive than ordinary mattresses. As for the bedding, it’s mainly Martian sleeping silks. Read your Edgar Rice Burroughs.

  8. i sleep in a 1800s old wood bed extra wide twin. jeez, is my mattress over 20yrs? old? jeez, Milwaukee mattress does good. i got an extra mushy one. and no box spring, but the mattress is on this mesh frame thing. summer i like low thread count cotton, now i got evil polartec sheets and lots of covers and usually basil. can’t beat sleeping in polartec in wisconsin.

  9. RAM: life as it should be lived
    My bed and mattress are manufactured things, OK, but not to care about.
    But when it’s cold, I sleep under the last quilt my maternal grandmother blocked and quilted herself, sewing with a treadle-driven Singer, and hand-knotted. Some of the fabric patches were initially hideous, but have now faded to being merely ugly and mismatched.
    After forty years of careful laundering, it’s as soft as her hug was when I was little.

  10. my wife bought a select comfort king-size (we need the room for the cats) about 8 years ago. she loves it. i wisely keep my mouth shut.

  11. re: Kaleberg: Just sleeping silks? No furs?
    I sleep on a “Design Within Reach” sofabed that I used while I was renovating my apartment. It beat my regular bed, so I got rid of the regular bed and just use the sofabed. People come over and they’re like “where is the bed?” which I kind of like (I live in NYC and I renovated my apartment by knocking out all the walls, so I live in a long and twisty loft space now).

  12. My bed is like the oldest thing in the world. It’s hard on one side and on the other side, you can already feel the springs. I think it’s time to buy a new one because I’m starting to have a difficult time sleeping in it.

  13. Late to the thread, but I have to throw in the wonderful, loving, warm comfort of the old type, full slosh water bed. Lervs us our water bed. Warm in the winter and coolish if you want it that way in the summer. Plus two JRTs as foot warmers at the end, and we just got a new kitten that I can see will be part of the crowd when he gets a bit bigger. Also lots of down pillows. For us, the only way to sleep, and tons cheaper than any other mattress.

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