Now Be Thankful

I’ve always liked Thanksgiving. You get to gorge yourself, drink too much and get into arguments with right wing relatives or just have your basic family fight. I’m grateful that we have a holiday about, well, gratitiude.

I’m also thankful that one of my favorite films, Barry Levinson’sAvalon, has a Thanksgiving scene is that is clearly more awesome than Jude:

I’m particularly grateful for our weird little online blog family here at First Draft. We’ve got it all: from a crazy ferret lady to a neurotic academic to an allegedly awesome former squid to a blonde lady in a ham suit to a photoshop ninja to Southern Beale and her little dogToto Tommy T. That’s right, Tommy T too. But it’s our readers who make this quirky community quiver or some other word beginning in Q. Why Q? It could have something to do with the character from Star Trek TNG but otherwise it beats the hell out of me.

Finally, I’m grateful that the tune I’m posting for this all-American Plymouthy Rocky holiday is written by a Brit-Richard Thompson-who is married to an American and lives in Southern California most of the time. Here’s a version ofNow Be Thankful performed with his ex-wife Linda who is a Brit who lives in Southern California. I seem to be repeating myself. You lot have got to be used to that by now.

2 thoughts on “Now Be Thankful

  1. scout says:

    I love Avalon.
    Happy Thanksgiving all


  2. adrastos says:

    Yay, Scout. I would never cut the toikey without you.


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