Pulp Fiction Thursday: Nightmare Alley

Nightmare Alley has an odd pedigree for a film noir classic. Tyrone Power was the prettiest leading man of his day and was best known for lighter fare. But he gave the performance of a lifetime as a sleazy grifter who becomes a sideshow geek by the end of the movie. And Director Edmund Goulding was known as a “woman’s director” who worked with such stars as Crawford, Garbo and Davis. Not exactly a gritty resume but Nightmare Alley is noirlicious:


Here’s the trailer:

2 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: Nightmare Alley

  1. Count Ulster says:

    God I love this movie. Psychotic noir at its best.

  2. darrelplant says:

    I never managed to figure out the connection between this and the “Damnation Alley” sequel. They just seem like they went completely different directions.

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