Because What Has Posterity Ever Done For Us?

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Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson

“What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?”

Tillerson’s response wasn’t to some forced government mandate, but a simple resolution to set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Reductions that really wouldn’t cost much of anything, except for maybe Exxon shareholders, who might see (slightly) reduced dividends.

And what good is a dividend check when you’re faced with the “choice” of choking or drowning?

Tillerson is like the lunatic gun owners. They’ll blow a gasket over the most minimal of background checks, but lack the slightest understanding that getting shot, or having a loved one shot, is also a violation of basic rights.

3 thoughts on “Because What Has Posterity Ever Done For Us?

  1. Look seriously. Why would we report all of this explosive shit sitting around our fertilizer plant? It’ll just cost people money if we did that.

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