Doubling Down on Dumb

From Album 5

They still don’t get it — after Dubya’s Reign of Error came within an eyelash of vaporizing the economy, the wingnut faction STILL thinks the “solution” is…more wingnuttery, less cooperation with the Democrats, and locating the nearest place suitable for burying its collective (no pun intended) head in the sand.

It’s gotten so bad t he GOOPer leadership can’t even pass legislation they want because they’re too busy pandering to a base that has zero understanding of what global leadership actually means in a complicated world. A base comprised of a generation that grew up believing “government is always the problem” was/is actual fact and not just dog-whistle for “put the minorities back in their place.”

And now we all have to live with the consequences.

One thought on “Doubling Down on Dumb

  1. And now we all have to live with the consequences.
    Yes, the wingnuts, they are crazy, no?
    They are stupid and ignorant and hateful and Obama still wants to cut a grand bargain with them that would gut Social Security and Medicare.
    So seeing as how there is no punishment for them, and the leaders of the DNC still want to work with them, what is the incentive for them to change?

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