CNN: End Of An Error

Hey gang, CNN might be getting palatable again! I say “might” because you never know what fuckery the bean counters have in mind, but it’s hard not to see the exit of Erick Erickson, Mary Matalin, and James Carville as a good sign.

I gave up on CNN a long, long time ago. Shit likethis would piss me off to no end.

I’d check back with them on occasion, but they always seemed to be working hard at fashioning themselves as a Fox News Lite, down to the revolving door that saw CNN anchors and hosts leave for Fox: Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Bill Hemmer (by the way, I’m sure y’all will be shocked to learn that Ericksonis landing at Fox).

So numerous were CNN’s sins against journalism that I have two pages of blog posts devoted to them. My absolute favorite, if you’ll excuse the blogwhore, wasthis moment in 2002 when then-CNN anchor Connie Chung berated tennis star (and U.S. citizen) Martina Navratilova for opposing the Iraq invasion. Do give it a look, it’s a shocking display of pro-war propaganda and journalistic malfeasance.

I don’t know what Jeff Zucker has planned for CNN. Will we get more up-to-the-minute breaking news bulletins of “Balloon Boy” stories? Or will CNN be the place for grown-up conversation? Time will tell.

7 thoughts on “CNN: End Of An Error

  1. Thanks for the update. I shared this with somebody who used to work for CNN and despises ’em. And I did not know that Connie Chung really Murika’d hard on Martina. That was brutal. If I can trust wikipedia, Martina has not run for office yet but she’s been an activist for animal rights, underprivileged children, and gay rights. I hope she does run for elected office one day.

  2. I think James and Mary would be more suitable as James Howard Kunstler’s Architectural Eyesore(s) of the Month…
    But better late than never for CNN to give Erickson the boot.

  3. Next we’ll be back to Yellow Journalism getting us into wars like 100 years ago. Oh, you’re right, we did that in 2002.
    And in your links is a link to Carville and Matalan leaving CNN because CNN wanted folks who were closer to DC. You’d think CNN had heard of methods that transmit sound and pictures to remote locations such as in video conferencing.
    Do we really need more beltway pundits?

  4. I don’t care what CNN does. They lost me the day they hired Beck, and I’ll never watch that clown show again.

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