If I Cannot Force You to Approve of My Racism, I Am Not Free

How dare I not be able to get my ick all over you while you smile at me and give me presents?

If these people are successful in banning the use of Indian names for football teams, you can bet the rent money that won’t end their agenda. Our military has a number of fighting aircraft named with what busybodies and tyrants might consider racial slights, such as the Apache, Iroquois, Kiowa, Lakota and Mescalero. We also have military aircraft named after animals, such as the Eagle, Falcon, Raptor, Cobra and Dolphin. The people fighting against the Redskins name might form a coalition with the PETA animal rights kooks to ban the use of animal names.

Nothing bolsters your “I’m not really racist, just concerned about the slippery slope” argument like comparing Native Americans to animals.

And God forbid we be less racist everywhere, even in the names of airplanes and shit.

This dipshit points out that we used to be free to smoke on airplanes before “anti-smoking zealots” (you know, people who want to be alive) ruined all the fun. And it’s the same thing with jokes about your secretary’s titties, names of sports teams (in a hundred years nobody will be able to believe this was the thing that ripped our hearts in twain), and everybody not understanding that Jim Crow just enforced real values. It’s so hard, harder in fact than slavery itself, to have to be polite nowadays.

Which I do not get. You are not, in fact, unable to be racist in this society. In fact, you can be as racist as you want. I’ve heard a lot of bullshitting lately about the Paula Deen clusterfuck, about how awful it is that somebody can be publicly reviled for saying something repulsive, and “it’s a free country” and all that crap. Be as racist as you want. But eventually the law of numbers kicks in, and you are espousing an unpopular view. Since martyrdom is what you really love, enjoy being nailed to that cross. Revel in it.

Don’t come to me and be all, “Next you’ll come for the Miami Dolphins, hippie!” because a) nobody cares about the Dolphins and b) just shut up and let the soldiers finish casting lots for your Brooks Brothers, you asshole.


5 thoughts on “If I Cannot Force You to Approve of My Racism, I Am Not Free

  1. I’m just disappointed he didn’t also say the PC Nazis were going to require the renaming of Soldier Field as well. How the hell do you whiff on a hanging curve like that?

  2. um, also, calling a helicopter ‘apache’ (an actual name of an actual group of people) is just a shade different from calling a team ‘redskins’ (a name made up by people without “red” skin that intentionally groups *all* native americans together for the purpose of stereotyping them).
    ‘apache’ isn’t perfect, but it’s not the same by a long shot.

  3. Rush is talking as if he just woke up one day and discovered that he lived in a world governed by obscure rules where women were no longer chattel, where blacks were actually be allowed vote, and where old fat white guys were mocked.

  4. My dad is a retired commercial pilot, and was flying commercially before the smoking bans went into effect. He sometimes used to help the maintenance crews do their thing, and he said that if passengers ever saw what the air filters on airplanes looked like after a smoking flight (completely black and sticky), they’d never want to smoke again, let alone actually smoke on an aircraft.
    These days, there’s entirely too many electronics on an airplane to allow that much gunge into the ambient air; it has pretty much nothing to do with the anti-smoking lobby. Not that Dipshit seems particularly concerned with, you know, actual facts.

  5. Last I checked Paula Deen was not in jail for her speech; certain corporations have chosen to discontinue their associations with her. Is the right-wing freedumb crowd proposing to restrict businesses’ “free market” right to choose their sponsorship arrangements?

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