Portrait of the Artist as a Dumbass

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So, just in time to mark the passage of ten years since the the triumph of the neo-con nitwits in Iraq, we have six new musings on canvas by El Shrubo.

OK, I lied — there are only five paintings. One’s a photo.

But they’re all his work.

7 thoughts on “Portrait of the Artist as a Dumbass

  1. Athenae says:

    Your posts are always things of beauty, but I really think you’ve outdone yourself here. I mean, DAMN.

  2. anon_level3 says:

    Is Dubya in a special needs art class?

  3. pansypoo says:

    the banality of evil.

  4. CZHA says:

    Athenae said it: Damn.

  5. joejoejoe says:

    That photo of the little girl who had her parents killed and brother shot while driving to a US checkpoint ran in all the media in the world except the US on the day that GWB had his second inaugural.

  6. adrastos says:

    Uh oh the cat in the upper right corner resembles Oscar. Does this mean W reads catblogging?

  7. MichaelF says:

    Hmmm…cat blogging includes pictures, which would suggest yes (no way Shrub reads books without pictures, regardless of his alleged contest with Turdblossom a few years back).
    On the other hand…cat blogging might still be a few steps above his level. But maybe he used the google to somehow find it on the internets.

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