Deep Jindal Thought

I must admit that this post title is a genuine oxymoron. For a guy who wants the GOP to stop being the stupid party, PBJ spends most of his time swimming in the shallow end of the intellectual pool.Time to quote Dave Weigel quoting Politico quoting PBJ on the Voting Rights Act:

“Unlike the Democratic Party, we’re not trying to divide the American
people,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Monday when asked by POLITICO
about the race-related and gay rights issues the court is tackling. “The
reality is as Republicans we want to unify the country. … We don’t
think demographics is destiny. We treat everybody as an individual.”

I have no idea what he means by this but neither does he since Republicans have *specialized* in wedge issues since the days of Tail Gunner Joe and Tricky Dick. PBJ’s reputation as a Brainiac continues to mystify me. Perhaps he benefits from positive stereotypes about Indian-Americans or something. He does, however, talk real fast so maybe that’s it.

That is all.

9 thoughts on “Deep Jindal Thought

  1. Yeh, try not to read any meaning into whatever Boy Genius Bobby says. He’s flapping his gums so people will look at him.
    He’s Newt Gingrich without the bomb throwing. Remember the old standard: He’s what a stupid person thinks a smart person sounds like.
    Completely full of shit. He’s considered “brilliant” and a “rising star” by people who have been wrong about everything. He’s a trickle-down acolyte, a Reagan worshipper, a god-botherer and a corporate shill.
    If his skin weren’t brown, he’d be a GOP favorite. Flash in the pan.

  2. “Republicans have *specialized* in wedge issues” and LYING. Don’t forget the LYING.

  3. It is a standard dog whistle. Unlike Dems, we don’t divide peeps by class and we don’t see color. We see people as individuals so we do not have to address class or race issues in amurrica, thanks be, and good god do not bring up the ladies and their vaginas, whatever you do.

  4. Whenever you hear them using the word “reality” or claim that whatever they say is a fact, you know they think you’re a fool.

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