Messing with a Texas Legend

The new voter Texas voter ID law is clearly aimed at Democratic voters. How do I know that?It’s latest victim is one of the greatest living Texans who just happens to be a Democratic icon:

Former U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright (D-TX) was denied a voter ID card thanks to Texas’s strict voter ID law.

“Nobody was ugly to us, but they insisted that they wouldn’t give me an ID,” 90-year-old Wright said according to the Forth Worth Star-Telegram.

Wright said he previously realized earlier in the week that the
identification he had to vote, a Texas Christian University faculty ID
and a Texas driver’s license that expired in 2010, did not meet the
criteria of the new voter ID law.

When Wright and his assistant went to the Texas Department of Public
Safety office to try and get a new ID card, officials said that he
indeed did not have the right identification. Wright told the Texas
newspaper he plans to return on Monday with his birth certificate which
officials said will be sufficient to get a voter ID card.

“I earnestly hope these unduly stringent requirements on voters won’t
dramatically reduce the number of people who vote,” Wright said.

If Texas Gopers had any shame they’d be embarrassed by this, but Wright is just another elderly librul as far as they’re concerned. Wright was one of the most effective Speakers in US history but was run out of office in 1989 over trumped up and totally flimsy ethics charges cooked up by Newt Gingrich. If you’ve never read John Barry’s book about Wright’s speakership, The Ambition and the Power, check it out. Barry was a reportorial fly on the wall when Wright was Speaker and his book is one of the best accounts ever of how the House actually works.

3 thoughts on “Messing with a Texas Legend

  1. Maplestreet says:

    To state the obvious: So they can make it difficult so that someone with the resources (and political connections) of a former US House Speaker has difficulty in complying. I’ve also seen some news articles on some other political critters have had problems. Also where an elderly lady can’t get the voter ID because she doesn’t have a birth certificate.
    And the number of those evil Mexicans who have actually been found to be voting despite not being eligible : ZERO! Despite the urban legends and rumors.
    So the ratio of disenfranchised eligible voters to the number of illegitimate voters: INFINITY!

  2. pansypoo says:

    how many GOP voters get cock blocked as well.

  3. gratuitous says:

    How many disenfranchised GOP voters? Doesn’t really matter in this scheme. The Republicans are willing to trade off 100 of their own votes in order to block 500 Democratic votes. And they’ll do their level best to convince their own disenfranchised voters that it’s (1) their own fault; or (b) something to do with ACORN.

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