Rise Up Again: Game of Thrones Thread

How many times can you get back up?


Always one more.

4 thoughts on “Rise Up Again: Game of Thrones Thread

  1. joel hanes says:

    Before respect for Tywin overcomes you, remember that Tyrion’s first wife was just what she seemed, a country girl, and the entire whore/gang rape thing was Lord Tywin’s idea of the right way to break his despised youngest son’s inapropriate elopement with a commoner. Something inside that man is really broken.
    Genna and Kevan are the closest thing to an undamaged Lannister.


  2. mellowjohn says:

    “what do we say to death?”


  3. Athenae says:

    Joel, oh, agreed, he’s a total monster. But right about this, nonetheless.
    I wish we could have met Joanna. I bet she was something.


  4. joel hanes says:

    He’s right that Cersei and Tyrion are feckless?
    His children’s pathologies are the scars of his parenting and his warped values.
    He’s right that Tyrion should marry Sansa, and Cersei should marry Loras? Oh what happy marriages those will be, what a superb foundation for a secure dynasty!
    He’s right that house Lannister must retain hegemony? Everyone in Westeros disagrees.
    Yes, he’s a magnificent son of a bitch.


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