Judge Dingbat

The wonderful co-star of All In The Family, Jean Stapletondied the other day. Her portrayal of the dim but decent Edith Bunker was a delicious contrast to the bigotry and intolerance of her teevee husband, Archie. He used to call his fictional spouse a dingbat and tell her to stifle. There’s another Edith in the news who should have stifled herself but failed to do so.

Judge Edith Jones was on President Beavis’ short list for the Supreme Court. She was not selected, and instead stayed on the Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals here in New Orleans. The Bushies thought she was too intemperate to be easily confirmable. They were right.Here’s a summary of what the Other Edith said the other day at Penn:

A federal judge who, until recently, led what is arguably the nation’s
most conservative federal appeals court said blacks and Hispanics are
more prone to commit crimes, according to a lawsuit filed this week.
Although the remarks by U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
Judge Edith Jones were not recorded, five students and one attorney who
attended a February event at the University of Pennsylvania law school
signed affidavits attesting to what she said that day, the Associated
Press reports.
Among her comments were that “racial groups like African-Americans
and Hispanics are predisposed to crime,” are “prone to commit acts of
violence,” and more likely than people of other ethnicities to be
involved in “heinous” acts. She also said the death penalty provides a public service by allowing an inmate to “make peace with God,” citing an article called “Hanging Concentrates the Mind,”
according to the Austin Chronicle. She said claims that the death
penalty is discriminatory, imposed arbitrarily, and violate
international law are just “red herrings” used by those who oppose the
death penalty; that claims of “mental retardation” disgust her; and that
Mexicans would prefer to be on death row in the United States than
serving prison terms in other countries.

The most depressing thing about Judge Dingbat’s failure to stifle herself is that the Fifth Circuit was the home for courageous Judges like John Minor Wisdom (after whom the courthouse is now named) during the Civil Rights era. It is now the home base for Judge Dingbat and some equally incorrigible wingnutty judges.

Here’s hoping that the misconduct complaintagainst Judge Dingbat has legs. She’s been saying stupid shit like this for years. I think she should be sentenced to stick her gavel in her mouth, but she’d have to remove her foot first.

I’ll let Archie Bunker have the last word. I have a hunch that Judge Dingbat would agree with him: