A great day for satirists

I’d like to thank the people of the 1st district in South Carolina for sending Mark Sanford back to Congress after a 10 year absence. I was worried that they’d do the sensible thing and elect his opponent, Stephen Colbert’s big sister Elizabeth, then elect a GOPer in 2014. The creepy former Governor clearly had momentum in the last week and the district is so Republican that the only Democrat that could have won wasPitchfork Ben Tillman who has been dead for 95 years.

There is, however, one satirist who lost tonight, Stephen Colbert. Sorry, dude, but Sanford essentially ran against Nancy Smash so what can ya do?



3 thoughts on “A great day for satirists

  1. special elections. low voter coun. try it in the general. ou name is out there. he isn’t well liked.

  2. I blame this on Obama: he should have appointed Sanford as ambassador to Argentina.

  3. @Snarki: LOL. It would spared Sanford’s kids. They apparently met Ms Argentina on primary night for the first time.
    @pansy: It’s such a red district that a bigger turnout would have led to a bigger defeat for Ms. Colbert-Busch. She fought a valiant campaign.

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