Who The Hell Let Rumsfeld Out?

From Album3

The Other Donald has been making the rounds, proving that if you’re a prominent wingnut, no degree of wrong can keep you from slithering forth, even though Steve Benen notes

Lance Armstrong isn’t asked for his opinions about athletes and performance-enhancing drugs; Miley Cyrus isn’t sought out for analysis on public modesty; so why should anyone take seriously what Donald Rumsfeld has to say about foreign policy and the use of military force abroad?

Yet, as we’re “treated” to the whole neo-con band getting back together, one topic conspicuously off the table is Iraq…even though it’s not exactly a picnic over there. It’s more heckuva job…

2 thoughts on “Who The Hell Let Rumsfeld Out?

  1. Some random, possible explanations:
    Peter Principle
    The myth that the CEO / Corporate Manager is a different breed.
    Worship of war
    The merging of religious right with conservatism leads to a cult that worships St. Ronnie, St. George, etc.

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