The Mad Men meet the Chevy Vega

It’s always good to have talented readers. An email from Alex Smith made its way into my in-box the other day:

I’ve been following your Mad Men episode recaps/photo gallery posts all season and have really enjoyed them so I thought I would share something with you.

you briefly noted this week, there was a potentially huge teaser on
Episode 6 of Mad Men that revealed the new account they’ve landed for
Chevy’s “secret” new car which is identified as the XP-887. I quickly
Googled “XP-887” and found out it is actually the notorious Chevy Vega.
Seems like a pretty huge development since it is their biggest account
(ever maybe) and the Vega turns out to be a total lemon/bomb.

friends and I did some quick photoshopping to a (public domain) Chevy
Vega ad from the 70’s, added the cast of the show, and changed the copy
to match the developing story line. Since you’re into Mad Men as well, I
wanted to share the finished product with you.

The image is posted with even more information at Cantmisstv. I’m not sure, however, that it’s a good idea to let Stan Rizzo drive:

Images viaCC BY-SA 3.0 &CC BY 2.0. Additional data fromWikipedia andDirectSpecialTV. CMT lovesMad Men.

5 thoughts on “The Mad Men meet the Chevy Vega

  1. Interesting Fun Fact:
    The Ad Agency for Chevy at the time was Campbell-Ewald. They DID do the Vega Ads. They had the Chevy contract forever, until a couple years ago.
    They are still around, based in Warren, MI, where I was born. They handle the U.S. Navy’s Advertising Account, and I work with C-E to put up large-scale Navy Events like the Army-Navy Game.
    Our world is getting a little smaller!

  2. Terrible car, they actually ‘looked’ ok…I just saw one in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

  3. Questo è il blog giusto per tutti coloro che vogliono capire qualcosa su questo argomento. Trovo quasi difficile discutere con te (cosa che io in realtà vorrei… haha). Avete sicuramente dato nuova vita a un tema di cui si è parlato per anni. Grandi cose, semplicemente fantastico!

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