A polite smackdown

I am on record as loathing CNN’s bombastic and pompous anchor critter, Wolf Blitzer. I recall when Bernie Shaw and Judy Woodruff were the faces of that network and Wolf’s, uh, stature is evidence of the decline and fall of the CNN brand. His, uh, eminence there could also serve as a refutation of the theory of evolution but I’m not going there.

Back to the post title. Wolfie is a champion conclusion jumper and he assumed that a woman in Moore, Oklahoma would be a biblethumper who would speak in tongues and bathe in the blood of the lamb.Instead, he met Rebecca Vitsmun who is a bona fide atheist:

What a wonderful moment. I suspect Rebecca’s baby would score higher on Jeopardy that Wolf did. I only hope that Senator Flaming Bag of Shit (tm Athenae) and his colleague Dim Jim Inhofe do not declare her to be an honorary New Jerseyite hence unworthy of federal funding. Yeah, I exaggerate but only a bit…

Btw, Coburn and Inhofe are *worse* when it comes to disaster relief than Diaper Dave. The latter at least feigns gratitude for the federal dollars that have flowed Gret Stet-ward after our manifold recent disasters. In contrast, Coburn and Inhofe continue to, uh, cry wolf:

8 thoughts on “A polite smackdown

  1. Watched that last night from John Cole’s site. Loved it. There aren’t enough atheists on TV if you ask me (at least, atheists on TV who are on TV for being atheists, I suspect Wolf is an atheist too, the smug prick). OT, did anyone catch Neil Conan on TOTN today shutting down the incoherent Republican babbler that was a guest on The Political Junkie segment? That was awesome. She kept going on about how the IRS was going to determine if we can get Obamacare, he told her she was mistaken (sort of a polite way out), and she dug deeper. So he said, “No, they will not,” and cut to station identification. At the end of the segment she hung up without saying goodbye or thank you. It was a perfect example of how out of touch the echo chamber is.

  2. Vitsmun is a strange name. I think she should be required to produce her birth certificate.

  3. It’s probably a good thing Rebecca’s house is gone because now when the Oklahoma Christofascists come after her she can make a quick getaway.

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