Hit the UW again! HARDER! HARDER!

To paraphrase Lloyd Blankfein’s character from “Too Big To
Fail,” the legislature today fumbled the ball, kicked the ref in the nuts and
took a dump in the quarterback’s helmet.

In what seemed to be a game of “Whatever Draconian Shit
Scott Walker Can Do, We Can Do It Better,” the state budget committee not only
froze tuition for the state universities, but it gutted the state support that
Walker had proposed to give to the system
. This was after Walker already cut
back on the support he had planned to give to the UW. Couple this with the loss
of flexibility that the state swore it would give the system and you can
practically hear the higher ed system begin to crumble in this state.

This wasn’t the only fun bit of news to come out the state
house this week. Walker sought the ability to sell off state buildings pretty
much as he saw fit, so we’ve got that going for us. In addition, the budget
committee has virtually crippled the longest-standing student advocacy group by
changing how they get their funding.
The group’s most recent big push? Tuition
freeze. In other words, even if you’re on the side of the issue that Walker is
supporting, don’t plan to get much support.

There are days I wonder why I work here. Today is among

On the plus side, I made about $200 from a rummage sale

This will help greatly when I’m told we’ll be furloughed or something.

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