This was a major story on the Today show on Friday.MAJOR:

The rollout of former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) New York City mayoral bid hit a snag Thursday when it was revealed that his campaign website featured a picture of the Pittsburgh skyline, The Hill reported.

Weiner’s team ultimately changed the image to a familiar shot of the NYC skyline when bloggers and reporters pointed out that the original picture included a prominent Pittsburgh bridge and the BNY Mellon Center, one of the largest buildings in the Steel City.

I mean, okay, dumb as hell, but that was billed as the big news out of the mayor’s race that day. Largest city in America, major morning show filmed in said city, and that was the story. Then we cut away for some discussion with the cast of the Jersey Shore, which I was not aware was even still on.

Let’s get on to that blogger ethics panel STAT.