Friday Ferretblogging: Best Headline EVER

Ellis County Chemical Spill Caused By Alcohol, Ferrets.

Ferrets running loose in a car can indeed be distracting. Story time: I once went to pick up some ferrets at a local animal control facility not known, shall we say, for its organization. They told me on the phone there were four ferrets, so I brought four carriers.

When I arrived, there were 10 ferrets, along with total chaos in the waiting room: parents chasing children chasing rabbits, a homeless dude sleeping in the foyer, three dogs barking, and one receptionist who looked like she was thinking of ways to kill herself. The harried girl showed me to the “small animal room” and ran back to deal with an escaped kitty that was hiding in the rafters.

I looked at the ferrets, each of whom was in a separate cage and thus not used to the others, and thought, well, I have some cardboard boxes full of copy paper I can unpack and use, with some rubber bands, and it’s only a 15-minute drive. I punched holes in the boxes, popped the ferrets in, stacked everybody in the back seat of the car with a couple carriers strapped in the front, and off we went.

Five minutes into the drive, going 50 miles an hour over a high bridge, I felt an ice cold nose on the back of my ankle, and then a pair of sharp teeth.

Three of the little monsters had chewed right through the cardboard boxes and were now roaming the car looking for something (someone) to nibble on. I nearly drove off the road. There was nowhere to pull over, so I reached down, grabbed the furball, put him on my lap and let him chew my sweater while I kept going. The other two wisely stayed hidden beneath the passenger seat until we pulled over, at which point my shelter manager saw the destroyed makeshift carriers and laughed so hard she wheezed.

These ferrets aren’t the same ones, but they are shelter babies who’ll give you some idea of just what it’s like to have them running loose in your vehicle:


One thought on “Friday Ferretblogging: Best Headline EVER

  1. I think that outdoes any cat-in-a-carrier story I’ve got, though when moving to Madison, the cat kept up an ear splitting yowl from Louisiana to St. Louis…
    On the other hand, when I adopted my first orange tabby, I didn’t have a carrier and was ready for chaos…but, amazingly, he went right to the back seat and patiently sat there for the entire ride.

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