2 thoughts on “Sunshine State Prepares for Deluge

  1. The GOP is changing their face with a rich white guy? And instead of asking if their old ideas painted as new ideas have failed (silk purse from a sow’s ear?) the article makes it sound like they are sure the only problem was the execution of their campaign.
    In other political news, Time has reportedly called Rubio the GOP’s “savior.” Can you imagine if anything close to this messianic term were to be used for Obama (or any other dem)? IOKIYAR?

  2. They’re expecting a blizzard (or, since it’s Florida, a hurricane) of the same stale talking point — “government BAD, private sector GOOD LEAN EFFICIENT” — will be enough…and, sad to say, in Florida that might be the case (Kilgore thinks it backfired for Whitman in California…but I’d guess Californians might be a tad, um,…smarter). And yeah, thanks to a press corps that’s more corpse, they never get called out on something so simple Atrios/Duncan Black regularly posts it in a sentence or two: they don’t care about anything but tax cuts for the rich, to the detriment of civil society.
    They want the country to be Mississippi — and no disrespect to plenty of good people in Mississippi, but in aggregate, it’s a goddamn fiefdom, with fat cats (literally in the case of Haley Barbour, well, at least the fat part) rolling in the dough while vast numbers of residents have to scramble for the bare basics…

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