All Class — Well, If By Class You Mean Nursery School

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If Ken Cuccinelli wants to behave like a pouting, tantrum-throwing toddler, I’ll portray him as one

Modern traditions hold that major-party candidates, after a long campaign, reach out to one another once it’s over, usually over the phone. One graciously concedes, one graciously accepts, and the campaign effectively comes to a formal end.

But to appreciate the bad blood in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, note that the modern tradition is being ignored.

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) congratulated McAuliffe and pledged a “seamless and smooth” transition. As of late morning Wednesday, Cuccinelli had not called McAuliffe and had no plans to do so, according to two people close to the campaign.

Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe (D)added while talking to reporters this afternoon, “I have not had the opportunity yet to speak to the attorney general.

I believe small things like this tell you a lot about people…and what it says about Ken Cuccinelli is that deep down he’s an immature brat.

One thought on “All Class — Well, If By Class You Mean Nursery School

  1. I’d say the concession phone call is so traditional that it isn’t even a matter of class. Your description of a whiny brat is right on.
    I’d also wonder what this says about his respect for the voters – and even his supporters. The concession phone call gives the event some closure. His lack of action seems to say that he doesn’t care about this or not (Or I could argue with myself: the whole astroturf, tea bagger, hateful politics of the last 6 years – or really reaching back to the Newt-ster in the 90s – seems to be based on making sure that there is never closure).

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