Columnist, Advise Thyself

From Album 5

If Ms. Noonan offered a hearty endorsement for those of us who — with some evidence, mind you — portray her as an overwrought, wine-swilling ninny, them maybe, but only maybe, would I think her suggestion that President Obama respond to the recent rodeo nonsense with a “10-4, good buddy” was more than…the drunken ravings of an overwrought, wine-swilling ninny.

And the rest of the column is further proof…maybe even something like 80 proof…

2 thoughts on “Columnist, Advise Thyself

  1. And I don’t remember her calling on W to stand up for the Dixie Chicks for criticizing him. Funny how things are always different when it’s a Democrat.
    And I think her brand of delusional lunacy is too extreme to be explained by wine swilling…she is just bat shit crazy.

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